LF lowrate exp wide max 7x. Droprate custom see post.

Started by Xynklon, May 19, 2024, 02:30 AM

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Hi all,

I am looking for a more "unique" concept as this kind of server isn't seen alot.

1)First of all , all QOL changes are Nice , underused skills may Bé buffed , overpowered skills may Bé nerfed .
But isn't required.

2)Gunslinger has to Bé pickable. ( Sp/bullet Cost reviewed ? Or ele bullets ? Improve accuracry increased duration ? Flip coin lvl 5 = 100% chance ?See Point 1 but not necessary)

3) enforced single client in thé best way you can. (I think this is more important for party play/mvps.)

4) some kind of things to battle zeny inflation like lowering npc Selling price of more expensive items.

5) xp balance changes to thé outliners like Anubis.( Not necessary)

6) higher Card Drops like atleast 0.1 %
Normal/consumables items may Bé low like 1x or 2x .
Equips like 5x- 10x ( with a few outliners changed like stiletto from desert wolf )

7) if there are any changes they need to Bé documented correctly what exactly has changed.

Point 6 is actually thé most important one , I don't mind geinding levels but grinding 4 x Card X at 0.02 % isn't something I enjoy.



Hello, I am currently developing a server that meets many of your criteria. Let me address your points:
  • We are quite purist regarding the skills in Ragnarok Online, so there are no buffs/nerfs to skills, only changes to rare skills. For example, Preserve does not deactivate after a logout.
  • It is a pre-renewal episode 13.2 server, so we have Gunslinger. Elemental bullets are added via the same system as arrow crafting but for Gunslinger. Regarding SP, you can simply level up a Dancer or Professor with Homunculus/pet alongside your Gunslinger to avoid mana issues.(see video)
  • The GMs have been hardcore Ragnarok players for many years, so it was unthinkable to choose a client that doesn't meet our requirements.
  • We preferred to nerf the item drop rates rather than lowering their prices.
  • We offer 16 random maps every 12 hours where XP is increased by 50%, plus a Race/Element/Size of the Day, making certain maps often more rewarding than Anubis, Wolf,moscovia ..(we do not wish to destroy popular maps; some players are accustomed to leveling on them).
  • The rates are exactly as you indicated: 1 for items, etc. Equipment has a minimum rate of 0.25 ~ 0.35, and cards are at 0.10 (with adjustments on a case-by-case basis for certain loot).
  • We have started a wiki, but it is in the early stages of construction. However, you will find plenty of information there. Wiki de Dayone/ROTG

I would like to point out that the server offers a "robot" system, AI managed by the server or by players who play alone. They are intelligent (not just mere clones that spam skills without reason). For example, in a video: only the Blacksmith and the Bard are real players, while the Dancer and the Priest are AIs that accompany us in our adventure.Video youtube with AI
The robots have a skill stats window and an equipment window, so you need to equip them just like a player.
We hope the server interests you. We will soon enter the beta phase (the server is already functional and playable with high rates for the beta) to avoid the grind before the wipe :p. Good luck with your search!

Edit : The items drop in stacks. For example, a Poring can drop 3 Jellopies, 2 Knives, and 2 Cards. We want to create a low-rate server but with the convenience/QOL of a mid-rate server.


    Hi there Xynklon,

    I'd like to introduce you to Evolve: Rise of Legends, a pre-renewal
5/5/3 server dedicated to creating a friendly and vibrant gaming environment for players around the globe.

Here's how Evolve: Rise of Legends addresses your key points:

  • Quality of Life (QoL) Changes: While we haven't made extensive changes to underused or overpowered skills, we continually assess and adjust the game to improve the player experience. Feedback from our community plays a crucial role in these decisions.
  • Gunslinger Enhancements: We've implemented elemental bullets for Gunslingers, enhancing their versatility and effectiveness in combat. While we haven't made specific adjustments to SP/bullet costs or skill durations, these are areas we can explore based on community feedback.
  • Two Client Enforcement: To ensure fair play and a more engaging party experience, we enforce a two-client limit per PC (excluding vendors) using Gepard Shield. 2 client sessions are disabled on MVP maps!
  • Zeny Inflation Control: We've taken steps to combat Zeny inflation, including nerfing the selling prices of more expensive items. You can find more details on our Nerfed Loots page: https://play.evolve-ro.com/?module=core&action=nerfed-loots
  • EXP Balance Adjustments: While we haven't made specific changes to EXP balance for outlier monsters like Anubis, we're open to community suggestions and can consider adjustments based on player feedback.
  • Transparency in Changes: Any changes we implement are thoroughly documented and communicated to our players. We believe in maintaining transparency to keep our community informed and engaged.
  • Happy Weekend Rates: Enjoy increased rates of 7/7/5 during weekends.
You may refer to our wiki link for concrete info regarding documented changes!

For more information, visit us at:
• 💠 https://evolve-ro.com/
• 🌐 https://play-evolve.ro.com/
• 📚 https://wiki.evolve-ro.com/

We look forward to welcoming you to our server!

EvolveRO Administration.[/list]
Rise of Legends | Launched: May 24th 2024