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LF low rate to mid rate (x3-x50)( soon to open only)

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1st of all im only looking for a server that is yet to open, i dont want an already opened server

low rate to mid rates only (x3-x50)

no gold room
no mvp room
no FM, bbgum, enriched ori/elu and potion boxes in cashshop
no vip system
no ugly wings

i also dont like those servers that gives too much freebies like newbie packs where they give you cards and +7 items and also those with ridiculous Guild packs where they give mvp items and a s*** ton of stuff

i would be really interested if your server made some skill changes like improving some useless skills or buffing a class

i dont mind if your server has a no multi clienting rule as long as its actually enforced, i've been to many servers that has that rule but dont really enforced it and its not fun when you follow a rule but not everyone follows

I introduce to you

lifeismrassRO <3 Soon to open <3

Perfect fit for you <3

Imperial Regalia:
There are many great low rate servers out there, though among them all we believe Ragnarok Travels is the only low rate server in the world with a true multi-clienting ban. Similar servers allow multiple game accounts per player (I've seen anywhere from 3 to 9 game accounts on servers advertising "single client"), double count venders (playing and vending at the same time), do not verify master accounts, and allow shared guild accounts full of support characters. Servers with these characteristics unofficially allow multi-clienting (because it is good for business), despite claims that it is against the rules.

• Currently Episode 8 - City of the Dead
• Official-like emulation that isn't run on rAthena or Hercules emulators for a more authentic, true to life Ragnarok Online experience.
• Complete and total multi-clienting ban, giving players a sense of community. No more wondering if someone you run into is a slave or bot. It will always be a real human.
• Powerful, seamless in-house security created just for our players.
• No donation gear.
• Episodic progression, stopping before renewal.
• No game breaking/game ruining commands or NPCs like @autoloot or job changers.
• Episode 9 and many exciting non-content updates on our roadmap!

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We are slightly below your preferred rates. Good luck on your search!


--- Quote from: Lai on Jul 02, 2021, 02:10 pm ---I introduce to you

lifeismrassRO <3 Soon to open <3

Perfect fit for you <3

--- End quote ---

wow what a comedy genius
i bet you're chinese

Congrats! You just won the bet!

Reward is: 100 MbP Cards on day 1 in your new server <3


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