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Title: Lf HR or SHR pre renewal 255/120
Post by: gmquema on Feb 13, 2019, 07:57 pm
Looking for dark ro and zeta ro like server.

No less than 196 aspd
New or old server
Cheap donations
No 2 or 4 slotted armors
Mvp card drop below 10%

Title: Re: Lf HR or SHR pre renewal 255/120
Post by: Beyond Antartica on Feb 14, 2019, 12:13 am
Have you tried Forsaken Ragnarok Online (fRO)? I've played in the two servers you mentioned before, but fRO's my home now.

195 aspd (pretty close)
Old server. 11+ years.
Mid range donation prices
2 slot armors
MVP card drops standard (10%)

Give it a try!!
Title: Re: Lf HR or SHR pre renewal 255/120
Post by: Heydar on Feb 14, 2019, 01:07 pm
Hello, RagniteRo has almost all the features you're looking for a High Rate server, except the Aspd cap.

     (https://static.divine-pride.net/images/items/item/2769.png) Max Level: 255/120 - Pre-Renewal (2nd Job)
     (https://static.divine-pride.net/images/items/item/13062.png) Max Aspd: 194 (Auto-casting Sonic Blow doesn't cancel the auto-attack animation [Ex: Injustice Card, Ifrit Rings combo, etc]. Sonic Blow skill of Assassin job class is unchanged.)
     (https://static.divine-pride.net/images/items/item/1586.png) Instant Cast: 150 Dex
     (https://static.divine-pride.net/images/items/item/5256.png) Donations: Low-Mid range donation prices mostly for Costume Items (visual) and Currencies (Cash Points can also be obtained from Battleground).
     (https://static.divine-pride.net/images/items/item/2137.png) Equipment ( Headgear / Armor / Shield / Garment / Footgear / Accessories): 1 Slot only, preserves the original idea of Ragnarok.
     (https://static.divine-pride.net/images/items/item/4065.png) Normal Card drop: 5.00%
     (https://static.divine-pride.net/images/items/item/4065.png) MvP / Mini Boss drop: 3.00% (Low-Level and Mid-Level MvP/Mini Boss have a respawn of 30~35 minutes [Example: Moonlight Flower, Angeling])
Title: Re: Lf HR or SHR pre renewal 255/120
Post by: Zonra on Mar 08, 2019, 05:06 am
We might not be quite what you're looking for, but I still want to recommend AnomalyRO (https://www.anomalyro.com/)!!

We're a SHR with a level cap of 500/200, but the drop rates have been highly customized to give the server the feel of a mid-rate.
Our max aspd is only 193, but believe me, any faster is hardly necessary.
Instant cast is 150 dex, and 300 luk gives you full immunity.
All of our equipment is 2 slot, and all of the headgears throughout the entire server are customized to have matching stats in order to maximize your character customization options!
Our MVP card drop rate is right at 10%, although if I recall correctly, there are few that are lower due to their high demand (such as Kiel and Tao Gunka) which I believe are 5%.

Additionally, we have a Gold Room, MVP Arena, custom Battlegrounds rewards, hourly rewards system, hourly events (including some fan favorites such as Dice, Disguise, Word Scramble, and Poring Catcher), as well as Daily Contract quests and a customized achievements system.

Plus, we have a super friendly community and GM team! Someone is almost always available to ask for help.

I hope you'll give us a try! (Keep an eye out for me~ GM Kirari! ;D)