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Looking for active server

preferrably High Rate to Midrate
Active BG
Active WOE
Would love to see PVE contents
Farmable Donations/Custom

Hi Toxicano,

You're welcome to join MindRO. It fits your requirements  /no1


Hello, Toxicano.

You may want to try our server. It's a Lv255/120 High Rate server with Starwars Jobs. We do have active King of Emperium and WOE which consist 2-3 Guilds for now but if you have some friends you might want to join. You can contact us on our discord channel (Link below). Solo and Guild Packages are available to give you boost to start your adventure. You may need a Guild for you to get the Guild Package. There will be an update for our Battleground soon. So stay tune!  /no1

PS: All Donations are farmable and our discord channel have so many active players that would guide you on any questions you have.

Good luck and have fun.  /kis2

Main Page: https://ecro.gg/account/create/
Registration Page: https://ecro.gg/account/create/
Discord Channel: https://ecro.gg/discord

Tera Play MMORPG is mid rate server with no hard farm requierement.
Try this server.
U can farm the donation too.
No need donate to become gg player here

the website is www.playtera.online

https://vegaragnarok.com/ - 99/70 with MVP cards. Try it


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