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Started by ppoiuytt, Apr 27, 2024, 05:24 AM

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I've been browsing the server listings and filtered all non-renewal servers but all I've seen are servers that already has the busted 4th jobs in them. Is there any renewal non 4th job server preferably with WoE/BG


If Woe/BG are not a deal breaker for you, you're welcome to try my server - PowRO Archangels. Here's our server info in case you're interested:



If you are still looking for a 3rd job renewal server, I'd highly recommend BraveRO. It has very well balanced 3rd jobs, no plans of adding 4th jobs. The battlegrounds has trans only days and 3rd job only days, and battleground runs every day with teams of 15vs15 up to 30vs30 during peak hours.. War of emperium has solid competition as well..

Honestly, I don't think any other server (private or official) comes close when it comes to PvP activity.. just take a quick look at the bottom of the site, you will see the PvP ranking for the last 30 days.. and everyone there has thousands of kills.. it's really great.

They have a full starter equipment/weapon that lasts for 30 days and it's as good as the end-game equips.. so you can get started and go straight to Battlegrounds without having to farm anything.

Other than PvP/BG/WOE, the server has great features such as their Hero Quest which is a great expansive character based quest with level-able weapons/equipment/skills.. It has instances, team based events, and other features like fishing/forging/mining, a solid market where every item is being sold.. etc etc

It's really really good, the only bad thing is that it has so much content that you can feel lost at first.. luckily their wiki and discord are very active with friendly and helpful people.

Check it out, you won't regret the decision.