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Hey guys, I currently love the idea of ragnarok zero and already joined a server. Since I don't have so much time like in the past 5x rates are way to slow for me.  It also has no QoL Npcs and is pretty much really slow regarding updates.

This is the reason I'm looking for a Ragnarok Zero with 10x ~ 25x rates, QoL NPCs and isnt that slow because of updates. I do know that my requirements for a server are pretty much impossible, because there are only 2 Zero Server existing. But maybe someone of you knows of a server which isn't listed on RMS or if there is one in work and soon to be released.

try this one

it's still in development and beta test already online. it's zero server with x25 rate
i just found this server today so can't say much  /wah

Currently playing Leviathan. It's still in development so some ZERO features are not yet implemented. But a promising one if pursued and applied all ZERO mechs

If you find one, can you let me know?
I really enjoyed zero mechanics and p0 would had been nicer if trans was released already. My guild at Ragna0 stopped playing..

If you're able to find one that's a less bit grindy than Project Zero, let me know.

Really liking the Zero mechanics.


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