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hello all,

we're looking for a nice server with active and friendly community and following:

3rd Class with skills
many many custom quests and custom items

Base Exp:            100x ~ 1.000x

Max Base Lvl:      200 +
Max Job Lvl:        100 +   
Max Stats:           180 +   
Max ASPD:          190 +

Population: 50+ - without autotrader ;)

Main Language/Support: english

Player Commands: @go, @autoloot, @storage, @gstorage and more

All donation should be get by Quest or Vote

Maybe someone knows a server like the above...we hope so...

Come check us out at www.brightsidero.com

Base Exp:            10k/10k

Max Base Lvl:      255
Max Job Lvl:        120
Max Stats:           255   
Max ASPD:          196

Population: 30+

Main Language/Support: English

Player Commands: We have all the commands that you listed and more.

All donation should be get by Quest or Vote : You can quest for donations. And you can also vote for the customs we have a machine that allows you to get crystals from voting, and the crystals are used for buying donates.

We are a fairly new server we just opened last July 15th. So we are still a growing server, Our community is very friendly and nothing in game is impossible to get. We have alot of customs like items instances cooking and fishing. We hope to see you join ! :D

Hey there.

You should check out http://bo-ro.net/

-  Its one week old so you have a chance to catch up to some players gear level.
-  Server population is about 30-40 and growing
- 3rd classes in the future
- ACTIVE, professional and hardworking GMs. Seriously, they really put a lot of effort into this server and it shows.
- Max level 254
- Max job 70 (get all skills)
- ASPD 190
- Tons of commands including the ones you listed.
- Donations are not open yet, but vote shop is

The server is a high rate but it has instance dungeons that require at least 3-4 geared people at minimum to do. I don't know to describe it. Its like a high rate with a mid rate feel to it. Wayyy too many features to list here. Come check it out. :)


Also, a weekend event is going on. So JOIN NOW while its on ! lol

Look no further for the up and coming server FortuneRO

3rd Class with skills = Yes we have all third class with all working skills
many many custom quests and custom items = They are being implemented

Base Exp:            100x ~ 1.000x = we dont currently have exp that high our rates are as follows 50x/50x/25x

Max Base Lvl:      200 + = our current max base lvl is 150 for trans and third classes
Max Job Lvl:        100 +  = 120 for trans and third
Max Stats:           180 +   = stats max is 120
Max ASPD:          190 +    = 196 max aspd

population is small at the moment but we are a new server we are an english speaking server
all player command can be read by doing @command/@h
we do have donation but they are only for cash points but cash point are available in game given out as rewards for events and quests(coming soon)

we have daily gm lead events

woe isnt current active as because of the low population but it is implermented for future use.

the community are very friendly so are the gms here we are always there to help out and give you the best ro experience we can.

so why not check us out?

www.puregamingnetwork.com/forum website is being coded as we speak

Maybe someone knows a server like the above...we hope so...


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