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LF > Low rate pre-renewal server with no pay2win


I'm hoping to find a nice low-rate server (preferably 5x-10x). Would be nice if it also had at least 10x card drop rate (.1%). If you don't wanna post the name because of the Gravity drama, feel free to PM me. Must have either no cash shop or costume only cash shop that gives zero in game benefits. Thanks in advance!


you should check our server. Episode 12, 99/50, 1/1/5, repeatable quests. Small community, but very very friendly. They are supporting each other and giving items for free or for some other item. https://ro-se.eu/

We have some skill modifications because we wanted to bring back BS, SIN, Rogue, Alchemist to WoE.

Hope you will like it.

Hey, I dont know if you are still looking, but I can suggest you eldritchRO (https://eldritchro.com/)

Pretty good server, best I have ever played.

Server is new and it is growing daily


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