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Started by Edzhar89, Oct 25, 2023, 08:59 PM

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Hi, I am looking for server that must be:-

1. High rate server. We are getting old. Less time to grind with huge amount of love towards RO.
2. No such thing as custom item. Totally follow kro or iro or maybe jro. I hate to see a custom item. i mean, what the hell is that 4 slot armor and 2 slot shield... refined accessories.... naruto card.... luffy card.... WTF.....
3. Prefer renewal. Up to 3rd or 4th job is ok.
4. WoE active
5. Not PK. but it is ok to have it on field only.
6. Minimum donation headgear. doesnt give too many IMBA effect. it is ok to put it in your donation list item. but make it easier for non-donator to get it also.
7. battleground item please.


Hello there, you might want to try our server!

1. We are actually just a bit above super high rate, but our rates are balanced.
2. Although we have custom items, we do not have any of those that you have mentioned!
3. We are pre-renewal. We only have Trans class + Expanded class(Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon)
4. We have wars everyday! We also have a unique event - Conquest of Emperium (similar to Call of Duty's conquest games)
5. We are a PK server but only on fields! And you have the option to turn off pk status via @pk command.
6. Most of our donation items that are non-cosmetic can be questable! Not to mention, you can get some of them for FREE.
7. Battleground is coming soon, so I think now's the best time to join.

If you are interested, here's our full details.

Astral MMORPG is a high-rate Ragnarok private server that aims to cater a one of a kind experience to its players. With our bread and butter -- the Astral Skills, you can mix and match skills then combine it on your main job's skill set in order to the find different combinations to dominate the game!
We are also PvP/GvG-centric, so expect an exhilarating experience whenever you go out in the battlefield! Get yourselves ready for an action-filled Ragnarok experience!

Video Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvPTaKpsAUs

💡 Info 💡
✅ Max Level: 255/120
✅ Max Stats: 255
✅ Mode: Pre-Renewal
✅ Max ASPD: 197
✅ Episode: 13.2
✅ Guild Cap: 25

💡 Rates 💡
✅ Exp Rate: 15,000x
✅ Normal Drops: 100%
✅ Equips: 50%
✅ Normal Cards: 20%
✅ Boss Cards: 10%
✅ Rare MVP: 1% (Card Fragment System)

💡 Features 💡
✅ Playable on Windows & Android devices
✅ Main server in Japan + Multiple strategic proxy server locations
✅ Astral Skills (https://playastral.gg/askills)
✅ Gepard Protection Enabled
✅ Unique Anti-Bot System (Try It!)
✅ No Client Limit
✅ PvP & GvG Oriented
✅ Floating Rates

💡 Quick Links💡
🌐 Website: https://playastral.gg
🎧 Discord: https://playastral.gg/discord
📘 Facebook: https://facebook.com/playastralmmo
📸 Instagram: https://instagram.com/playastralmmo
🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/playastralmmo
📺 YouTube: https://youtube.com/@playastralmmo
🎼 TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@playastralmmo


Thanks for the suggestion. I would prefer at least 3rd job since i wanna play de-buff during WoE. To be precise, Shadow Chaser it is... if until trans, I would missed all that masquerade skill from the 3rd job.

Somehow, thanks for the suggestion. Who knows someday I will visit your server. I have watched your youtube video, nice one. Thanks again.