LF a Low/Mid Rate server that is hosted in NA or near NA(no delay issues)

Started by unhappymeal12, Jul 29, 2023, 05:57 PM

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You can try Flex-RO. It's low rate with flexible rates

FlexRO offers 1 Server with 4 Rates options to accommodate different play styles. Other than speeding up the leveling process and awarding rewards, choosing lower rates has no impact in the strength of your character.

1x/1x: Bonus 25k Flex Coins, 10M Zeny and an Exclusive Headgear.
5x/5x: Bonus 5k Flex Coins, 2M Zeny and an Exclusive Headgear.
10x/10x: Bonus 2.5k Flex Coins, 1M Zeny.
20x/20x: Bonus 1.25k Flex Coins, 500k Zeny.
Note: These rates are set individually for each character upon creation and do not affect drop rate.

Server Location: West Coast, USA