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High-rate or non PvP engulfed SHR for 6 people


Aight, so I'm not new to RO, but I've always played it without friends and have been a loner in-game. So I really don't know anything about it, I normally just pvm all day and have fun like that XD

Now I'm trying to get to know more about the game(after like, four years). I hardly know a damn thing, and I want a good server to start on. I've tried about ten servers, some based on good reviews, and a couple were decent but I just want to make sure I'm not missing something perfect. All SHRs I checked out were either completely imbalanced in Economy, PvP, peer groups or all three. I'm more interested in the game than "pwning nubs" in PvP.

So which server should I try? here are some things I'm interested in especially:
-Not having everything handed to me(leveling, money, items, cards etc)
-minimum 15 max 150 players at any given time
-Good activities/quests
-medium amounts of corruption(since small amounts don't exist)
-pokemon related in some way(pets, mobs) yep, I'm that guy

any help? Once I find a good server, I have 5 people as well who will be joining me, my girl and two other couples.

Why not give Heaven-RO a try, we are a new server growing at an incredible pace. We have lots of great features and a brilliant community.

We are a Mid-Rates server but closer to a higher Mid-Rate than a lower Mid-Rate.

You can view our information here;


You can also see what other players are saying about Heaven-RO here;


Hope to see you in-game soon.  ;D


If your looking for a High Rate why not try Siege-RO.

They're a newly founded server with rates of 5000x/5000x/500x(?) Not sure on drop >.<
THey have a highly customized system that's being customized more and more that'll keep you working on things. To get better and better, so even with all the items you have you still won't be as good as others.
Also, they have extremely cheap donation items. I believe their wings are also for free but I'm not to sure about it, it just happens that half the server all of the sudden had wings from 1 day to the next and they haven't had any donations yet.
Well else there's nothing much more to say apart for that they are a 3rd job server with non-renewal mechanism, also the Max Level is 255 I believe. Give it a try. I hope you like it.


come check us out at www.brightsidero.com

We are a fairly new server only opened for 2months and we are growing.
We have a professional staff and a very kind and helping community.
We have alot of customs in the server including our custom storyline, cooking, instances, fishing, and of course items.
All the donations in the server are all obtainable in game, NO OP donates as well.
We are a high rate server with 10k/10k leveling rates. 1%MvP card drop rate and 3-10% non mvp card.
Our max level is 255/120. 3rd jobs are enabled but it is optional if you want to be 3rd job or not.
We have custom quests in the server and we are trying to add more and more quests every week. The GMs are very active which means we have events quite often in the server. We also have automated events just in case a GM is not on there still will be some events that are happening in the server.
There is WoE and PvP, but the server is not just based on WoE and PvP.
We have endless tower and battlegrounds.
We also are a forum based server, so people actually use the forums. :D

Come check us out ! Bring you and your friends and make our server even brighter.

Hey there, may I recommend BORO? I don't want to sound like the copy and paste advertisements ^ lol but yeah...


Features you want...

- You do get one character maxed in the beginning but thats the only real "handout" if you call it that.
- BORO is a pretty new server (almost a month old) with about 60-70+ population and growing.
- The community and GMs are pretty nice
- Tons of quests to do, instanced dungeons (ITS AWESOME), vote shop, daily quests, 250+ headgears, pvp, crafting, and so much more.  WOE WILL BEGIN IN ABOUT 2 WEEKS SO NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN!!!
- I have not seen any corruption. The GMs are nice and PROFESSIONAL. They have never ignored me when asking a question or anything like that.
- Every monster in the game has a low chance to drop a their pet egg

Goodluck!  ;)


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