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Hello! Looking for a server!

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Cream Poof:
Henlo! I am looking for a low to mid rate server..pref. with a cozy group of people to play with  /lv

Hi there.

Check out retRO online on the low rate list here on RMS:


Rates are 1/1/1, the server is modeled after the classic euRO server and it really revives the good old times :)

There is no dual clienting.

At the moment it is Episode 6 with episodic skills, quests, Monster stats/ spawns and a official episodic release.

No donation what so ever, so no pay to win.

Come join us :)


We have a small but active community here on KaiRO and we'd love you to be a part of it too.
Here's our server's website: https://www.kairagnarok.com/

We also recently added mobile support for both Android and IOS:

So that's also a plus, if you join us ^^

If you don't mind custom content and ideally joining the Discord, join us at heRO!

https://forum.ratemyserver.net/low-rates/hero-~-a-heroic-experience-of-ragnarok-35540/ here's the RMS forum ad!

I've been at heRO off and on for quite some time and since there haven't been any wipes or anything I've been able to scratch that RO itch quite well.

Hello Cream Poof!

  If you are seeking a low-rates server (5/5/5) to revive the nostalgia of the good old days with your friends, I invite you to RÖstalgia which is opening on May 29, 2021. I think this would fit perfectly to your guys needs.

Here I provide you our quick links to the server information:


Hope you find a good place for your and your friends to stay!


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