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ExistenceRO would be a great place for you guys!

It's a 4x/4x/custom server, with 2x quest exp. The max level is 99/70 for 2nd and trans, and we are working on getting 3rds fully implemented and operational with renewal mechanics, in which case the max level would be 150/50. There are some custom quests, but everything in the server is completely balanced, and the GMs are working their arses off in order to ensure that the balance doesn't shift. The server is almost a month old, and we've got between 20 and 40 actives on at a time.

I don't know anything about a guild package, but the GMs may be willing to work with you on such a thing.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions! I definitely hope to see you all around in the future.


Secret Duckie:

--- Quote from: Fino on Sep 04, 2011, 09:03 am ---Hello Dear mpl123,

I would like to introduce you Neu-Ro - A new mid-rate server that opened 65 days ago with a growing population every day. We hit already more than 350+ players in that short time and we are hoping, more will come to follow.

We offer floating rates, that means from 50 - 75x.

Any information regarding our server features can be found here: http://neu-ro.net/?module=features.
We also offer you a guild package which can be found on our forums. You simply must provide us 10+ different player who joined with you :) Incase you wanna look into it, heres the link: http://neu-ro.net/board/index.php/topic,67.0.html

If you have any questions about Neuro, feel free to poke me any time.

Greetings, Fino

--- End quote ---

I would like to piggy-back on Fino's post here to be a bit more specific to your original post. <3
I'm Secret Duckie and I'm a GM for the server NeuRO. We have easily 430~480 on at a time, with a peak of 520 players (hit today, actually!), which I wanted to mention since Fino's number was a little out of date. We've already got some great guild competition including some of the best known guilds from lots of other servers. (You can see a few of them on our GPackage thread, where we list guilds that have accepted the packages).

Low-rate to Mid-rate - 50x/50x/25x with floating rates up to 75x/75x/25x (although our rates are at 100x at the moment to celebrate the new 500+ peak)
99/70 server - Check!
No custom - None except for a few eventual custom sprite headgears to be used with the disguiser. These are drooping hats like this for example: http://i410.photobucket.com/albums/pp188/LackingCreativity/NeuRO/DroopingGM-SecretDuckieWATER.png so no ulgy wings or anything)
Not so Old Server. We're looking for a newly opened server. - Check! Open for 65 days.
MUST HAVE GUILD PACKAGE  <------ most important - Check! Fino already posted the link.

So please check out our site and give us a shot! We'd love to have you. :D

Hello i would loke to introduce you our server Loki Ragnarok Online

--- Quote ---Low-rate to Mid-rate (or may be up to 1k/1k exp mod) - Our Rates are 150x/150x - 3% for normal card and 0.1 MVP Cards
99/70 server - 99/70 and 150/50 for 3rd Job Classes
No custom - We dont have custom items . All are Original Sprites.
Not so Old Server. We're looking for a newly opened server. It's just a week on our reopend the server :)
MUST HAVE GUILD PACKAGE  <------ most important - We have a guild package .. You can check this link -- > http://lokiro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6-guild-transfer-package/
--- End quote ---

We are balance and dedicated server :)

Website: http://lokiro.com
Forums: http://lokiro.com/forums

See you ingame :D

Considering whatever you've asked is whatever I've posted in the advertisement section, I'll just copy the content here.

Server Information
Server: Infinity Ragnarok Online
Website: www.infinity-ro.net
Rates: 50/50/35 [Custom MVP card drop rate]
Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level : 70
Client: Non-renewal (Can opt for renewal)
Max ASPD: 190
Main language: English
Launched date: 26th August 2011

Now, to the interesting part.
Server Features
- No fugly custom hats with extra stats
- Custom Crafting System [ Visit website for more information ]
- Custom (PVM) Mvp Cards [ Same effect as normal MVP cards but disabled in GVG/PVP]
- Custom Card of the week system [ To get rid of MISC cards like poor poring cards in exchange for great rewards ]
- Vote For Point System
- EXTREMELY balanced reward system [ No disparity between a donor and non-donor ]
- Anti third party programs
- Anti Lag
- Weekly events
- In associate with Lol Castle Ragnarok Series : http://www.youtube.com/user/BeefisGolds

The only server you will ever need

our rates are 55x/55x/25x

we are a new server.  we have 7 on at any one time.
yes its not alot but they fully enjoy everything we do.

GM's = we are very friendly,help.like to have fun with the players by doing daily events, we also take suggestions here at FortuneRO and most are implermented.

we are updating everyday to more like offical content like the mobs new drops, new maps.

we do holiday events for like halloween christmas etc, corrently we are in the halloween season on the server we custom mobs custom maps, slight increase in rates and drops and many more.

more to come in the coming months

So why not try us out and see what you think?

www.puregamingnetwork.com/forum Website is being coded as we speak


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