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Author Topic: Bunch of oldschool RO players LF Lowrate server, no anti-cheat.  (Read 13388 times)

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Offline brent134

Re: Bunch of oldschool RO players LF Lowrate server, no anti-cheat.
« Reply #30 on: Oct 15, 2022, 05:07 pm »
GO try https://www.excelragnarokonline.com/ 60+ players rate is 1/1/1 if i believe the patch is only on e5 atm this is the closest old school ro that u can play anymore without spoon feeding and cash buying for potions buffs etc..


Offline OrdLordDaddy

Re: Bunch of oldschool RO players LF Lowrate server, no anti-cheat.
« Reply #31 on: Oct 15, 2022, 09:29 pm »
It's not.

ExcelRO can be alright but it's not close to the original with changes such as "no fade out/in" when using flywings or portals as well as those being instant.

Offline Enigmatic Lake

Re: Bunch of oldschool RO players LF Lowrate server, no anti-cheat.
« Reply #32 on: Oct 18, 2022, 02:58 pm »
I can recommend the server I am playing, EinherjarRO. However, it's highly customised (but those changes have a fair amount of thought put behind it). You can always make suggestions to the server if you feel like it would improve things or is necessary.

While the base is pre-renewal and the general feel of pre-renewal should still be in there (at least I think so), there are only a few mechanics that haven't been touched up yet. These mechanics are Hit/Flee, Movement Speed, Dispel, Spirit Sphere effects and Guilds.
There are a few custom systems and the power ceiling was heightened substantially to accommodate renewal content more easily (less balance changes when doing so). This also allows for more builds to work.
The main focus of the server are the custom classes, which are generally more versatile than the vanilla classes. Vanilla classes still excel in their specialisation though. SinX is one of the best burst DPS classes (unlike in Vanilla this also applies to PvE). Sniper is still the best ranged DPS. Priest is still the best all-round support. Professor is still the best tank support. Custom classes and vanilla classes co-exist pretty well here.

"Desired rates"
While our base rates are only 3x, leveling is much faster than it seems. Firstly, there are floating rates up to 9x and newcomers who know what they are doing can reach max level in a few days work. Most people take much longer though as they grapple with the new systems. Groups of players who can rely on each other generally have the fastest progress. The biggest multiplier on exp is being geared and having people to rely on. What might take nearly a hundred hours when you start out can end up only taking half a day because you can punch above your weight through gear and company.

"No custom towns please."
There are custom towns, but the main hub is still Prontera. The custom towns exist to facilitate some of the new classes, their job change & platinum quests and some of their gear.

"Job changer/Warp agent is a plus."
No job changer, but we do have a Warp agent (Warp Gates).
Warp Gates require you to activate them before you can warp to them, but this activation is account based. This is another reason why the first character is the slowest to level.
Job changes are part of the experience.

"I literally cannot play without xpadder so this is a must."
Normally this shouldn't be a problem, and if it is, the admin is open to finding a solution in my experience.

A few notes: The high level of customisation also means you will encounter some bugs. As it is a one man dev team, it can sometimes take a while to get fixed especially when it is a particularly difficult to track bug. Don't forget to report them so they can be followed up on.

EinherjarRO also just started advertising a few weeks so we have a large influx of new players, relatively speaking of course. I would say this is one of the best times to get started here. But maybe that's because "Now" will always be the best time to start on this server as the improvements to the whole add up. Keep in mind though, improvements may also mean nerfs to a class you are currently enjoying. EinherjarRO is in it's 7th year of active development after all (and 5th year of being quietly open to the public).

If you have already started playing on a different server, keep us in mind if your search begins anew.