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Author Topic: Back to RO?  (Read 5590 times)

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Offline Daikido

Re: Back to RO?
« Reply #15 on: Sep 21, 2011, 10:55 am »
The server you suggested seems interesting too(yes I'm lazy I want @storage), anyways I'll check it out if I get bored or if something weird happens.

EDIT: Does your server have a feature where you get more exp per party member?
No Bonus exp share on 2 people - 50% / 50%
with bonus exp - 60% / 60%

I love this feature since it brings back the fun at Abbey.

And more server suggestions are welcome.

Was this for blazeRO, which i suggested?

Well, if so:

BlazeRO has @storage and u can use it everywhere but not in woe/bg.

For party exp is increased by 10% per member i think up to 100%^^

if this was not for me this still counts:

Hey Gene, u checked blazeRO?

i would like to hear some feedback ;)


Offline Gene

Re: Back to RO?
« Reply #16 on: Sep 21, 2011, 11:31 am »
Don't worry man I'll play all the suggested servers one by one.
Yours is next in line.

***Might take a while, usually I spend a week on a server I hopped on before moving on to the next one. If I really like it, I'll tell everyone to stop suggesting.

Offline Purr

Re: Back to RO?
« Reply #17 on: Sep 21, 2011, 05:08 pm »
Well, if you want to try something totally different, check out  http://bo-ro.net/

-No third jobs for now
-No Renewal mechs
-English speaking + GMs speak english of course
-New server thats a couple weeks old
-Donations are balanced and available to everyone in-game
-Vote for points
-Balanced donations
-Dual Clienting allowed
[email protected] and +70 commands
-Resetter is about 10k zeny

EXP Rates: 5k 5k 1k
Drop Rates: 100 or below.
Card Drop Rates: 10%
Healer: yes
Buffer: No buffer
Staff: Professional GM team
Quests: Daily quests, headgear quests, and more
Map Updates: check
Warper: Yes
Population: 50-60+

Some other things you might like...

- Instanced Dungeons
- Killing Spree system
- Weekly Updates
- 250+ headgears and over 1000 pets
- Automated events / GM held events
& much much more i cant think of off the top of my head

Goodluck!  ;D

Offline Gene

Re: Back to RO?
« Reply #18 on: Sep 22, 2011, 05:29 am »
Oh sorry I'm only interested in 99/70 mid rates for now.
Thanks for suggesting though.

**BlazeRO - I tried, but the drop rate seems to low for me :[
**At the moment, EmperiumRO is the best server that fits me, there's only 1 thing I dislike.
**Will look into ProteusRO after it opens.
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Offline Belldandy

Re: Back to RO?
« Reply #19 on: Sep 22, 2011, 03:34 pm »
Hi, Gene :O

I'm here to suggest NetRO, a fairly new MR server with 60-150 online, but it averages around 85. It's been online for approximately a month.

In regards to your requirements:

Quote from: GeniePants
-No Third Jobs ✓ No thirds to ruin the experience!
-No Renewal mechs ✓ None of this either
-Majority can speak English, specially the staff. ✓ Yep, NetRO is a primarily English server with all staff members speaking literate English
-Would want a fresh server ✓ Yep, again, a full month since it opened (08/21/11)
-Donation stuff are either for looks or available for everyone through quests. Quests? Not really, but you can get a variety of it by voting / in the Gumball machine (events). The best thing on donation would be the Gym Pass, and they're going to make it available to everyone in some way soon. You can find the entire donation list here.
-Vote for points is a good feature too. ✓ Yep, have this
-Lastly, no crazy stuff on item shop(donation) ✓ I'm very picky with donation items, and the fact you can get'em in-game is a good bonus. They're not OP, mostly consumables, and nothing too rash.
-Dual Clienting allowed. ✓ Of course
-Would love @storage(Optional) X Pretty sure @storage isn't available
-Resetter that isn't too expensive like 500k/1m etc. Resetting is free from <90 base level. After that, it steadily goes up in price, capping at 500k (for both, me'thinks) after the 12th reset. This was a recent change and may still be a topic up for discussion.
-99/70, sorry was a bit late on adding this. ✓ Yep, yep!

EXP Rates: 20-200x ✓ 20/20/10, 5x for Cards, 1x MVP
Drop Rates: 100 or below. ✓ 10x Equipment / Consumables, 5x Normal Cards, 1x MVP Cards - to my knowledge.
Card Drop Rates: 1% or below, MVP cards must be below 0.10, or non existent. ✓ 0.05% Normal Cards, 0.01% MVP
Healer: Yes. ✓ Yep
Buffer: BA only, nothing else. ✓ Under around level 60 there's a buffer. Not sure what level exactly; just know it stopped buffing me after a while
Staff: I don't care if they are inactive or w/e as long as they're not corrupt/randomly picked. ✓ Non-corrupt and active
Quests: I'd love them. Make it fair though. No custom quests at the moment, but there are plans to have some for headgear in the future
Map Updates: Hmm, New World is okay for me. ✓ Updated to the lastest SVN
Warper: Yes. I don't mind what kind of warper it is as long as you could warp to dungeon entrances. ✓ Dungeon Entrances and towns only - no Fields
Population: 10-100 active. If it's anything lower/higher I'll see. ✓ ~85 average online, minimum ~60, maximum ~150

NetRO could be nice for you, too :] Here are some nice links if you wish to inquire more about this server:

Website: http://net-ro.com/
Forum: http://net-ro.com/forum/
Item Shop: http://net-ro.com/cp/?module=purchase (You may need to register in the CP to see this)
Download: http://net-ro.com/cp/?module=download


Offline Gene

Re: Back to RO?
« Reply #20 on: Sep 23, 2011, 10:48 am »
^It's almost like EmperiumRO. 1 thing I dislike, but no worries I might check it.

And thank you for suggesting <3

Offline Spuznik

Re: Back to RO?
« Reply #21 on: Sep 26, 2011, 09:07 pm »
Sorry it took mew so long to reply. My knowledge of @commands doesn't really go into how to disable it on different maps, I have however been considering making an item that has the same function, like a Kafra card with infinite uses. Not sure if it will be from a quest or you'll just get one for joining.