...Any Low rate + big asian community?

Started by ham259x, Jul 21, 2013, 03:28 AM

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Hey guys, another Rok player on hiatus for years and now back, ready to roll again  /kis So I'm looking for a server to join in! Here's how I want it to be:

-low rate: It's not fun to get reborn in 1 day. Must be lower or equal to 30.
-active: I'm not into servers wt only some dozens of players online at times   /x
-Max base lv less than 200.
-with MVP and WOE +_+ (I miss those!!!)
-3rd job/renewal is preferable
-NO job changer if possible
-customs are okay but not too excessive (I'm kinda old-fashioned)
-and last but not least: a big asian community :D (still english as main language of course)

I'm considering TalonRO...but I've been reading different opinions concerning that server and I'm not so sure now @_@ I would like to hear your suggestions.
Forgive me for being so picky, but I really wish to find a server where I can stay for a few years to come  /ok


Well, opinions only matter so much. It can never hurt to try out tRO yourself. If you do not like it, the uninstall button is close enough. We do have a big Asian community by the way.


Weren't there two big Asian RO servers too? But they didn't have English language. I think one was called freelife-ro.


Hi there ham! (nom, that makes me hungry :P)

I'd like to tell ya a little bit about heRO. Were are indeed a low rate server at 5x/5x/3x. Sometimes the rates go a tad higher during events, holidays and special occasions, so that's always a treat. We are active and a great, friendly and awesome community. Our max levels cap out at 99/70. We have many MVPs, traditional and some custom! We also do have WoE's, Retro WoE, PvP and our own custom Heroic Battlegrounds with amazing points, rewards, prizes and equipment.

We are Pre-Renewal, but we have additional fun features as well. Events, Quests, Dungeons, Monsters, MVPs, Seasonals, Hand-In's and much, much more. We also have many of all the traditional quests, NPCs, and the like.

There is a great balance between our customs and an old-fashioned player such as yourself. The beauty of heRO is we cater to all preferences. Traditional, PvP, WoE, Roleplay, Customs, PvM...you name it, there's always a little something for everyone.

Now, for the big asian community. Yes! We have this. Our servers are English speaking and hosted, and we have players from all around the world. A huge population of our server hails from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. We do have a few from China and Korea as well.

Our staff is always there to lend a hand and always on call as well! We welcome to you to come and see what we are about and eventually hope you choose heRO and your new home.

I'll leave you some of our links below to browse through should you desire so :]


Website: http://www.hero-server.net/
Forums: http://forum.hero-server.net/
Register: http://www.pandoraonline.net/cp/?module=account&action=create
CP: http://www.pandoraonline.net/cp/
Wiki: http://www.pandoraonline.net/heRO_wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HeRO-Server/469166400724
Twitter: https://twitter.com/heRO_Server

Pleasure to have met your acquaintance!