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Author Topic: Looking for HR-SHR Server  (Read 1257 times)

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Offline dalinker

Looking for HR-SHR Server
« on: Apr 29, 2012, 11:33 pm »
No 3rd jobs (trans only)
99 / 70 or 255 / 120
No wings.
No Naruto or Bleach themes.
Good active community
Fresh or not server
Rates are not a problem
Must have @Warp
MVPs must not auto respawn
No overpowered donations
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Offline Scarlet~

Re: Looking for HR-SHR Server
« Reply #1 on: Apr 30, 2012, 06:40 pm »
Hi dalinker, you should check out InvalidRO~

No 3rd jobs (trans only) Trans only! No 3rd jobs!
99 / 70 or 255 / 120 99/70
No wings. No wings right now and admin isn't a fan of wings so like 99% won't be added
No Naruto or Bleach themes. No anime theme, period
Good active community Peaks at 20 (3 venders) on weekends, usually ~10+ on weekdays, almost always a GM online (but if they don't respond we have an offline @request system in our main town and if you post on forums about a question or PM us directly on forums, we reply ASAP
Fresh or not server Server launched 4/1
Rates are not a problem 1000x/1000x/50x 1% Common Cards 0.01% MVP/Mini
Must have @Warp We do not have @warp, but we do have @go and a warper that warps to all fields and dungeons
MVPs must not auto respawn They follow the "normal" spawn times
No overpowered donations No OP items, period.

Read more about server features us here!

I hope to see you here- if you have any questions feel free to PM me here or on InvalidRO forums. If our server isn't for you, good luck in your search!

Offline Kagemori

Re: Looking for HR-SHR Server
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2012, 12:32 pm »
Hello dalinker, you might be interested in iPlay Ro.

No 3rd jobs (trans only) We are a trans only server
99 / 70 or 255 / 120 We are a 255/120, with a unique Noble class. Which is basically a ranked Trans class
No wings. Sadly we do have wings, but people barely have it as of now
No Naruto or Bleach themes. We don't have these
Good active community Our community is pretty small, we just started (16 people). We try to help each other out
Fresh or not server We are a pretty new, you should try us out
Rates are not a problem Rates are 300/300
Must have @Warp @warp is available
MVPs must not auto respawn We have normal spawn rates for Mvp, We also have Tomb Stones which tells people when it up.
No overpowered donationsI'm also not a fan of op donation items, This server is pretty unique. The donation items do not have any effects. You need to add a unique card to the item in order to have an effect. So pvp is really interesting cause of the mysterious effect on the headgear

Some other things to include
    New and never before seen Noble System to keep you playing.
    Custom and unique headgears, available through donation and vote for points.
    Hour long Bonus exp from a random monster race, every two hours.
    Custom Monsters with new upcoming MvPs.
    Custom maps including Trinity, Courtyard, Novice Grounds, and many more.
    Custom events which are exclusive to iPlay RO, and very challenging.
    New systems added and ones on the way.
    Friendly and always active staff team.

and Looking at your name, it looks like you possibly could like Linkers.
In this server SL are pvp-able. With Es-skills

I hope to see you there  :3