any high pop servers (1k+)

Started by Astonishing, Apr 30, 2012, 03:16 AM

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mainly low rates, mid rates too would be nice bored of high rate woe servers, me & couple of friends wanna chill on some low rate for funs

Sol Invictus

Hmm... I do not think many like those are left
Here are some suggestions nonetheless:

Talon RO - 5/5/5 or 8/8/8, floating rates, somewhat more customized than other mid rates.
Limit RO - two mid rates, one renewal 100/100/25 and the other pre-renewal 75/75/25 ( I believe the renewal one has the higher population)


talonRO would be perfect if there wasn't so many customs / nerfs etc.. :x

is there any other server out there thats semi low rate with a population of min 500.