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Author Topic: 2 Years & 10 Months - Still Looking  (Read 1149 times)

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Offline IvoryMouse

2 Years & 10 Months - Still Looking
« on: Jan 11, 2018, 11:44 pm »
Been looking for a decent server. I doubt what I am looking for exist, but here it goes.
Option 1
High Rates
Pre-Renewal (No Kiels.)
255/120  - Level Cap/Job Cap
English Community  (No International)
Questable Rewards
No Donation Shop

Option 2 - This is the Unicorn I am chasing.
High Rates
English Community
Quest Rewards
PvE Centric
Cat Race (Custom Coded In)

Option 3  - Will take it, but not like it.
High/Medium Rates
Renewal - (*Gags*)
Cat Race/Gunslinger 2nd Class/Oboro

If you got something like that, hit me up on Discord. I don't use the forums enough these days. (Outdated Function.)

Discord - Luminous Rhapsody#0836 - Messages to my Forum Inbox won't be checked.
Looking for: English/NA RO Server. 255/50 Pre-Renewal (Non-Kiel Based) Server OR Highly Custom 2nd Job Renewal Server. No Pay To Win.


Offline alderaminro

Re: 2 Years & 10 Months - Still Looking
« Reply #1 on: Jan 12, 2018, 12:47 am »

You might want to try NewbFuryRO, its main focus is on PvE content, every month we release event contents, this month its Raid the Dragon, its setting is in high rate pre-re 255/120 and only trans class; mvp bosses are challenging so you need to party up or gear up to solo it, we are planning on adding our custom content but sadly it needs more audience; the server is rich in mechanics like your weapon will grant you a 3rd job skill and some renewal mechanics are hand picked to be ported in pre-renewal; while i don't know what cat race is you might want to explain how it works and maybe it'll get implemented.

Visit us at alderaminro.com

See you there!