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Author Topic: a small edit to my last seeking for a mid rate with english community  (Read 1070 times)

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Offline elior209

alot of people suggested me the low rate servers but i dont love low rate lol , i love mid rate with a warper and job changer and everything , easy server with hard rates .


Offline Fanoe


If you like mid rate servers, you might want to give a try to EsunaRO.

Rate: 120x/120x/80x
Max level : 150/70
Main language : English

EsunaRO used to be around three years ago but had to close due to the admin's personal life. Now, he's back along with his server. The community is great and very helpful. We have most of the utility NPCs (job changer, warper, identifier, etc). For now, we only have around 100-150 players online, but we are aiming for 500-ish.

Website: http://esuna-ro.net/
Forum: http://esuna-ro.net/board/

Current Server: WoonRO

Offline Godsaken

Hey, elior, maybe I can interest you in RelevationRO.

We're a renewal server with mid rates, we have the healer and warper as you wanted and some good items to help you level.

The modified cards we provide will enrich your experience as you play with others.

Wanna give it a try? http://www.revelationro.com/fluxcp/?module=pages&action=content&path=info

Offline eesti

Hey, elior209!

I want to offer you a International Mid-Rate server with high activity on BG
We have about 40% english speaking community and ~30% russians
Live online about 250-400 players.

Tervist Ragnarok Online
Website: http://tervistro.net

Full server info:
  • Episode 13.2 without 3rd Jobs
  • Max stats: 99, Max level: 99/70
  • Rates: Weekdays 25x25x10x ~ Weekends 30x30x15x
  • Server timezone: Europe/Tallinn, Estonia
  • Quest & BG headgears shop
  • Balanced donate items, No Premium Accounts
  • Comfortable Trading Location, Web Vending DataBase
  • Active and Professional Staff
  • Main language: English
  • Allowed to communicate in any language
  • Support: English, Estonian, Russian
  • + WoE: SE only, Active WoE guilds
  • + @restock + @restocknpc, @storage, @spb, @setcmd
  • + BattleGrounds 2.0 with auto-registration + @joinbg
  • + BG/WoE/PvM consumption for a single type of badges
  • + Extended WoE/BG statistics/ranking
  • + Stable Europe dedicated hosting in Germany
  • + Proxy system for all players: US proxy for US/CA/BR players, Estonian proxy for CIS/Baltic/Europe
  • + Minimum delay between active skills: 0.2s (5 per second)
  • + Protected by Gepard Shield (unique new protection) and Adelays
  • + 300-400+ live players

If you have any questions - pm me 
Regards, Jenny