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Author Topic: A low rate server with high drop rates, or a MouRO-level odd server?  (Read 3091 times)

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Offline Servayamore

Ah, nostalgia and the need to go back to my roots. I kind of abandoned MMO's as a thing in general back in '09 due to time restraints, and I've grown more and more inclined to jump back into RO as an old favorite.

Problem is, I've been out of the loop since '09. I don't exactly know which servers are still around and functional, and what else has popped up. The RMS's server lists aren't helping me a great deal, so... sweet. Forum posty-time.

I'm hoping to find a relatively low rate server EXP-wise ( 3x ~ 10x), but I'm really craving a server with high drop rates. Say, 30x high. I like the slower leveling process, and the feeling of progression and all that, but to be honest, self-sufficiency is nice, and RO's default drop rates just don't really cut it unless one grinds to the point of stupidity. Relying on private server economies tends to be sketchy for me, I'm afraid. Even one with 250~300 players doesn't instill high levels of confidence in me from past memories.

As a super bonus, @storage makes me happy. Completely unnecessary and just a pleasant luxury, but... yes. @storage makes me happy as a thing.

Exp / Job Exp: 3x ~ 10x
Drop Rate: 30x + ( If non-MVP card drops are raised exponentially, I'm willing to go lower, to be honest, though I'd like to stay above 20x. )

Bonuses / Completely unnecessary luxuries that I really really like:
@storage: For the little hoarder in me to be able to look at his pretties easier. >D
A small-ish mall area that collects a few basic NPC-sold items into one place: You know, an armor-selling NPC, and all that. Really unneeded, but not having to run around looking for all the relevant NPCs and having them in one place is sort of nice.
Pretty pointless things: The entire fishing and mining addons and all that? Never used them. Still find them cute and like them anyway. xD

Also, the entire Renewal thing. Only heard of it as a concept when I left, but I like some of the outfits. So maybe being able to wear them as a costume would be charming?

However, there is a second thing I'd like to see, that kind of makes all of these things very debatable. Really, really weird servers.
When I left, one of my favorite servers was a place called MouRO. Rarely ever had more than 15 people on, and I had to be lucky to see that many, but bloody was the place fun. Rabbits hitting me with hammers and lighting bolts made me giggle. Loved their set-up, loved their redesigns. It felt like a very different game from standard RO, but I adored it. Never did stay on it for more than two or three weeks at a time, but I always found myself poking at it again with a certain amount of frequency.


A: Is MouRO still alive? xD The place wasn't exactly thriving when I left.
B: Any other RO servers that truly stop feeling entirely like RO. I don't mean servers like heRO, which just have a heavy amount of additional custom content, but servers where they change enough where it starts to feel like it chances how one plays.


Offline Servayamore

A quick little nudge, since this fell off the first page.

Offline RaptureRO

Try corrosivegames crush and mouRO is still what it has been if I recall.

Offline lilsword

Hello Servayamore, I will be opening a server soon but the rates are 7x/7x/10x. Drop Rate randomly changes every hour. The game is more into Role-Playing and follows the official features of Ragnarok. The server is still under development but will try to release before mid of November. Forums are not up at the moment so i update progress on facebook. www.fb.com/playroofficial. (the link on my sig)  /heh See you

Offline Fruit Pie~

MouRO is "alive" in the sense that people still play it and it still works, but it's few people and it's held together on gum and string.

Corrosive Games is a decent option, but be aware that the server is obtuse as balls. But then again you played MouRO so it's not too bad.

There aren't very many wacky servers and I can't remember any other than those two. Sorry.