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Author Topic: 99/70 Balanced Active PvP Server.  (Read 1030 times)

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Offline Aeroskye

99/70 Balanced Active PvP Server.
« on: Jun 24, 2015, 03:01 pm »
The title says it all.


0.01% MvP Cards or none at all
Balanced and active pvp system
High drops for everything else
No BG items

Is there any such type?
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Offline eKoh

Re: 99/70 Balanced Active PvP Server.
« Reply #1 on: Jun 24, 2015, 04:10 pm »
Hello Aeroskye!

AriaRO is an upcoming Pre-Renewal Midrate opening this July 15th.

Main information:
- Rates: 75x/75x/50x
- Pre-Renewal
- 99/70 Transcendent
- Homepage: http://www.aria-ro.com/
- Server Hosted: USA Texas - Dallas
- Emulator: rAmod
- Mvp card: 0.01%
- Episode: 13.2 - Encounter Against the Unknown

We do have a Non-Stop Pvp System that consists that once you get to the Pvp room your Savepoint will be changed to the Pvp room, this means that everytime you die, you'll warp back in the Pvp room, but into 3 different Safe zones. Where you can get buffed/healed and use your own supplies/job buffes and click on a NPC to get back to the action.

And the Savepoint will be restored when you leave.

We also have BattleGrounds 2.0

For further information you can come to our post in RMS' Server info:

[Pre-Renewal Midrate] - AriaRO - Grand Opening: July 15th! - 99/70 Transcended!
We are a Pre-Renewal Midrate. Looking for the most
scene in Pvp, Mvp, and Hunting!

Grand Opening this July 15th!
Visit Aria-RO.com

Offline Fino

Re: 99/70 Balanced Active PvP Server.
« Reply #2 on: Jun 25, 2015, 01:31 pm »
please ignore
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