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Author Topic: 2 Guilds looking for trans server  (Read 1515 times)

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Offline WaR GoD

2 Guilds looking for trans server
« on: Jan 22, 2015, 09:25 pm »
Looking for

• Mid Rate Server
• Hunting • Farming • War of Emperium • Player Vs Player
• Transcendent Class
• Max Base Level: 99
• Max Job Level: 70
• Attack Speed: 190
• Max Stats: 99
• No M.V.P. & Mini Boss Cards

• Active and Friendly GM Teams
• No Edited Players • No SpoonFeed • No BIAS • No Corrupt Game Masters
• (No Bots)
• DDOS Protected
• NPC Healer (No Buffs, Every town)
• NPC Warper (Town & Dungeon only) - Quest Dungeon not included
• NPC Platinum Skill
• NPC Job Changer
• No Custom Items
• No Dual Client
• No Auto Vend
• w/ Guild Packs

No to pH Server.

with 300+ Players


Offline Mira

Re: 2 Guilds looking for trans server
« Reply #1 on: Jan 22, 2015, 11:26 pm »
Hi there! I'd like to recommend AeonRO to you! I'm currently playing the server and I really like it. The server is 1 week old, with a population of 100 or so. Rates are 30/30/20, with max level 99/70 and 190aspd cap. WoE/BG haven't started yet so the stance on MvP/Mini Boss cards is not yet confirmed. Game Masters are very friendly and active. The admin is online quite often to answer questions and take suggestions. The healer offers Heal + Buff for free until level 65 (then it costs 5k for buffs or 1k for heal) in every town. We also have a Platinum Skill NPC, a Job Changer and a Warper. Warper costs 1k per warp after level 90. We do enable dual clienting and vending; however, as we are still new, there are only 15-20 vendors. A guild package is offered.

Want to find out more? Click here!

Offline Seffi ❤

Re: 2 Guilds looking for trans server
« Reply #2 on: Jan 23, 2015, 02:57 am »
Hey WaR GoD, I have two servers to recommend to you. I think you'll like at least one of them depending on how much you're willing to compromise.

First I'd really like to invite you to Woon Reloaded. It's a fun, long running mid rate server which I am the admin of so I can provide you some specific details about what you're asking.

• Mid Rate, 150x/150x/50
• Pre Renewal w/ Transcendent Classes
• Max level 99/70, 190 aspd, 99 stats.
• Quite a few different ways to hunt, farm, and get zeny/equipment. We of course have all the usual pvm stuff like Satan Morroc, Biolabs 3 & 4 (bio 4 has some extra rare edited drops), and all the other challenging stuff. On top of that we've got some of our own custom quest dungeons that have an interesting system revolving "Souls". We call this the Woon Gate. Every monster in the Woon Gate dungeons drop a "Soul", and each dungeon also contains an MvP who drops their own special soul (eg. Piamette Soul). These Souls can be traded in for especially rare headgears, equipment, and pets. Just farming the souls and selling them is a great source of income. Aside from that BG is very active and players are often farming badges for zeny. All in all there are a ton of different ways to farm.
• War of Emperium has been pretty fun lately. Last sunday's video is here. Schedule is every sunday at 13:00 - 15:00 server time (GMT+0).
• We have two PvP arenas. The PvP square (anything goes arena), and the Classic PvP arena. Classic PvP has certain pot, gear, and boss card restrictions.
• We do have boss cards on our server, however they have the official drop rate of 0.01%. Not only this, but they are completely disabled in WoE with GTB & FBH disabled in BG.
• I'm a GM! I would hope you find me friendly. Come hang out with me and find out? lol
• By edited players, do you mean players that are unique to the others in terms of gears/stats? If so then no. As for spoonfeed, we're a mid rate server so we got all the typical stuff a mid rate has. Examples being luxurious commands like @restock and @hold. Aside from those features players work hard for items/ect.
• Bots are banned with no chance of unbanning. We also make sure related accounts that benefited from the botting are banned too.
• Very good DDoS protection. Awhile ago we repelled a 40 gig attack without the server even going down which was pretty shocking.
• We have an NPC healer, unfortunately it includes buffs so there's a compromise there.
• NPC Warper. It does include quest dungeons, but not instance dungeons. You must do the quest for those. (eg. Nidhoggur)
• Platinum Skill NPC
• Job Change NPC
• We have implemented custom items, such as class balancing sets which help make unplayable classes viable in a BG/PvP setting. Also, we've gradually been introducing new Renewal items and nerfing them down to pre-renewal standards. Hopefully that isn't too custom for you.
• We allow dual clients & autovends, another compromise.
• We have a variety of guild packs including PvM, WoE, as well as special WoE exclusive gear packs. More info here: Guild Package Wiki Page
• We are an international server hosted in LA California. We enforce english as a main language in Prontera & #main.
• And lastly, our online count ranges between 300-400. Without vendors, which is of course most important, it's around 150~250.

Sorry for the huge paragraphs. I type fast and I tend to rant. Bad combination. Anyway if you're interested I would really suggest you come check us out and introduce yourself on the forums. Our wiki page also has a lot more in-depth information on the things I've talked about. Thanks for reading.

Website: http://woon-ro.com/
Forums: http://www.woon-ro.com/board/
Wiki page: http://woon-ro.com/wiki/index.php?title=Woon_Reloaded

Also, if there are too many compromises with WoonRO I would suggest LifeRO to you. It has no dual clients which was one of the more specific things you were asking for.
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