12yr vet looking for an easy casual server

Started by Faeriesaurus Rex, May 25, 2013, 03:27 AM

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Faeriesaurus Rex


I've been playing RO for 12 years.  I always played on low rates until about three  or four years ago when I joined a high rate, Elite Kingdoms RO, to experience firsthand 3rd jobs to see what the fuss was all about.  It was great, and I ran around killing stuff, made a bunch of money, but eventually lost interest because everyone was too busy to explain all the complicated systems typical to a high rate that I had never experienced on my low rates.

So I mained my LR (heRO - a perfect LR) and hopped on EKRO when I wanted to kill a bunch of things quickly instead of risking my life to kill one thing slowly on heRO.

Then EKRO's client stopped working for me, so I sought another HR and found the perfect server in Brightside RO.  I played here until I took a hiatus for whatever reason and came back to a server with roughly 1/3 the original population and everything is corrupt and faulty (apparently there was GM drama during my absence).  The perfect systems were still in place, but the corruption and lack of a userbase led to its eventual destruction.

After BSRO, I've been looking for other servers like it, but I can't find anything.  I download lite installer after lite installer, but everything is just so boring.  I play on MysticRO and AnxietyRO right now, but they're essentially the same; require a million of the same item for each little thing that gives you a bonus slightly different from the other thing with the exact same quest.  And AnxietyRO's staff completely overhauled their goldroom so you can mob it with instakill, thus flooding the server with precious, once rare, coins.

So here's what I'm looking for in order of importance:

  • Mature, honest, knowledgeable, active staff

    I'm almost 29.  I'm too old for GMs that don't know what they're doing managing a staff and pleasing a community.

  • Fair donates

    If any - heRO kind of has the donates thing down in my book: you don't get special VIP permissions or coins to use in an online shop, you get donation packages consisting of useful items (oca's, obb's, opb's, enrished elu/ori, etc).  But no god items or access to other secret things.  I don't want a server that was made for the donation money.  I want a server that was made for the love of RO.

  • Tons of custom items and quests

    Costume items are a huge plus too.  I'm a hunter and a collector.  Tons of customs is a dire necessity.  This is one reason I got tired of Mystic.  I won most of their entire library in about a month.  There was barely anything left for me to hunt.

  • Item-specific quests/stories

    The same quest for every item is redundant and tedious.  I HATE grinding.  Therefor a myriad of quests for the various customs is appreciated.  I gave up on Anxiety and Mystic because I simply got tired of doing the same quest for different items.

  • Fishing/Mining/or similar of activity.

    I don't care what benefit the system provides; it's the experience of sitting in RO with a friend passing the time accomplishing SOMETHING (just sitting is a waste of time and you begin dancing after a while) that is the joy of fishing/mining.  Socializing, meeting new people, achieving things in game.  Fishing is a rare gem, I've found.

  • @jump, @warp, @storage, @guildstorage, @ii, @mi, @alootid, @ws, @at

    All necessary for my HR RO survival.  I've noticed a lot of servers have @warp but not @jump.  This is silly because one can just hotkey "@warp [current map]" to bypass the missing @jump, but I'm expecting a staff that realizes this already and just keeps @jump in.  @storage, @guildstorage and @alootid are a must given the copious drops in HRs.  @ii and @mi are crucial for custom servers.  @ws and @at as HRs tend to have a lot of vending.

  • Rates:

    • 1,000~100,000x exp

    • 250+ max bLvl

    • 250+ max stat

    • 195+ aspd

    • 5x+ item drop
      Nothing under 5%

    • 100x+ card drop
      Nothing under 1%

  • 40~300+ pop (not including @at'ers)

    I tend to like smaller servers, but not dying, hanging-on-by-its-last-20-believers servers.  I think heRO has a good number at 400 with roughly 40% @at'ers; good number of old familiar faces with never a lack of fresh ones.  But you're never so outnumbered as to not notice this detail.

  • RE interface is a must.

    I've grown too used to it.  heRO kills me with it's lack of conformation.

  • Pre-RE mechanics

    Unless server's rates overpower RE's inherent shortcomings; like lack of insta-cast and the new ASPD formula

I may be missing some things, but that's because I've hardly RO'ed recently.  (Hopped on heRO the other week and had to dl a ton of updates).

Overall the server itself bends my desire in numbers, but the other points remain crucial to my RO experience.

I want a high rate because I hate grinding, which is also why quests must possess some form of variance.  I don't like killing the same mob all day.  I like exploring the RO world; not being restricted to seven maps grinding until I aneurysm.  But I don't like taking forever to level.  I want to hunt, and I want to do so efficiently.  I expect to achieve efficiency quickly; such as maxing a char in less than a day.

Sorry for the overly long specific post.  I've grown tired of trying to find the perfect server because there are simply too many available.  But not having the perfect server is greatly defeating my need of RO.

Thanks for any help!

Faeriesaurus Rex

I guess such a server doesn't exist...



try revise RO, the leveling is easy, u can be level 255 at 20 mins using their free field manuals, the donates are balanced - just 5% more damage to demi-H

mvp cards are just 5% drops

and lots of quest items...

here is the link


we're playing at Trans job only server, but they also have renewal server...


No, there isn't. Though if you want a server that fixes the issues with 3rd job, you may try CookieRo. It has a decent population and custom work on 3rd jobs. It is only 20X. You might also check on CasualRo(50x). It does not have a high population(around 100 online), but it isn't dead and the people who play are actually active. Both have active, competent and mature staff. You may find both somewhat lacking on the customs front though. If by a lot of custom content, you're thinking like Animus/Animea/whateveritisnow, yes they do. If you're thinking custom like Feelro and Dreamer, no they don't.

I don't believe I have ever seen a 1000x+ server with a mature, active, corruption free staff. It has probably existed, but I'm not too sure it has when combined with medium+ size.
Thinking of making your own RO PServer?
Read this first.

Faeriesaurus Rex

I never tried Cookie because they have renewal.  Though I'm finding it more and more difficult to find a 3rd job server without Renewal.  I've been playing regular RO forever, so switching to RE is @_@ for me.

I have been on Casual, and I loved it except for the Renewal system they have.  =c

I'm on Dreamer right now, and it's okay.  Never tried Anima/Animea/whateveritisnow.  I'll look into that one.  Thanks.  :)

I guess the biggest thing we're looking for (besides 3rd jobs) is a TON of customs with a comparative variety in all of the quests.  Like Anxiety (I think it was Anxiety anyway) has more customs than I've seen anywhere.  But they all require the same quest materials save for a handful of ingredients each.  That's boring.

I may have been a little too specific in my OP.  We're hatters.  Customs is where it's at for us.

Customs customs customs.

And Mechanics.  I <3 my axe.

Oh, and if someone can help me to get through the verification so I can post this; I need to know what drops a Poring card.  How do I find that out?  >_>