Started by Neru, Feb 09, 2009, 01:43 AM

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Hi! I'm Neru

I'm re-posting this cause I was apparently too enthusiastic last time,  :P new to the whole review thing, sorry ^^;

I just recently put my review in the mid rate reviews but because of the letter limit I really couldn't say what I wanted to.
and the server info in RMS isn't very detailed *Link*

So that you understand my perspective, here is my general RO experience:  started with Iro(gravity) and payed to play for a good year, then discovered Private servers. in the last 6 years I have played in low rate, high rate, mid rate, PVP servers, and everything in between. also, I have played other MMORPG's as well,including World of Warcraft.

my review:

In a nutshell: lag spikes aside, If you are tired of the same old, try this.  MesaRO has the 'nads to be different. (that was fun to say :P)

The much more detailed version:

I love the friendly community, and the social GM's.  they are always open to suggestions, and they will actually listen!
out of the dozens of servers I have played in the last 6 years, Mesa was the only server I ever financially supported, because it was that  fun for me.   I recently came back from a long hiatus to find Mesa quiet, and I want to put my voice out so people can discover it.
the main issue the server has is how few people are playing.  its too empty. with more people it would be a lot more fun

Stability= Decent, every so often there is a 3 second lag spike, though this is new and they are working on a fix

Activity= there is never alot of people on, its like a ghost town at times, but everyone is really friendly! if no ones on,
             don't give up, it will get better :X it always has.

Availability= I have yet to see the server go down for anything other than big updates or fixes. and that is infrequent

Balance= not perfect by any means, but  pretty decent for the rates and classes.

Friendliness= because if the smaller sized community, everyone is really close, and crazy nice.

Economy= its weird, but it definitely seems to be working, higher drop rates on most things other than Cards and Gems

GMs= Social, and very knowledgeable, the main GM is the owner and wrote all the custom code,he's an RO guru of sorts

Rates=  vary by time and such, but its 20x most of the time, and weekends are 50x, and theres happy hour too *lol*

Features= the unique features in MesaRO are so numerous,I kinda have to old school organize them 
   I do wish there was a better explanation available for most of this stuff, but the info is still in progress.
   Unique storyline
           "PLA" suicide bomber porings, quests and more
                      the poring just ran at me and I was dead o.O

   Secondary Class Rings
         ~get a ring to augment yourself with more skills and abilities,  like Priest/Archer, Smith/Monk etc.
               this makes character building WAY more versatile, needs a better explanation on the site
          ~be an Elf, Vampire, etc. and gain different abilities and stats.
               this also adds a whole new level to building,and you can reset this at the NPC

   Gem Embedding
          ~put various GEMS in your card slots!!  they have unique values,and add more when combined with cards
              like and Amethyst gives +5 STR and with Mantis card it adds +100 ATK

   Quest system
          ~custom quests that reward you with items, exp, zenny, and more       
               unique and amusing,Plus I think I gained a skill from one quest o.o

   Custom classes
          ~exclusive, Necromancer, Druid, and Viking
               summon monsters or demons to help you, or become weapon master. you can rebirth
                and choose their Transcendent Classes
         ~each area has a weather system that actually effects elements for monsters and players
   Mini games
          ~gamble, make a wish in the well, bet on poring races, and more
               i love wishing in the well, you never know what will happen,i havent ven tried al the minigame syet ^^;

  okay, I'm getting tired of breaking them all down, here is a few more things the server features.
Mine for items, Expanded crafting, Fishing, Tanning, wings,Hard mode, the list goes on... but I will stop here @_@
Basically MesaRO is different.  its hard to say that about most servers and really mean it. but I do.  No matter WHAT kind of servers you have played on, you get a whole new experience in Mesa. its -that- unique. you won't know HOW to build your character, and you will be confused and thrilled, because it will make you think for once:P  at least I was!

The server takes a little getting used to, but I think everyone should at least give MesaRO a look, cause it's really not your everyday server, and there is really no reason to be afraid of something different. 

my overal score would be a 9 out of 10

thanks for listening ^^;