ZNRO(Corrupted GM)

Started by Promotheus, Dec 19, 2007, 10:24 AM

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Akhito, this would of never happened if you had a friendly comunity ;P
yuo should visit every player you can and meet them, then you will know if they are a****** or not, for all the others, people are just full of jealousy, the server is good and was around for some time and will not close by some freaking post, seriosuly you people FAILED.
Foreign wild.


Quote from: akihito on Dec 26, 2007, 03:43 PM
Quote from: Mewi on Dec 26, 2007, 11:08 AM
Quote from: akihito on Dec 20, 2007, 08:24 AM
Quoteyour banning accts just because your donator friends ask you to and you dont even consider that those accts that u banned were donators, and besides somebody already said he's/she's guilty.

lets start with that romnick0689 & romnick06891 account
same password but different email used

Ew no md5 password encryption? (  thank god I did not join =3 )  Not that I would of joined... me smells corruption o.O
same md5 hashed password kthxbai dumb , don't straight jump to the conclusion .
why don't you just say , hey aki i am jealous about your server's population and i'm trying to "bring" your server down with some stupid + idiotic "review"
For one, the admin [Akihito] can see the passwords in his sql, and he can edit the accounts however he wishes.
There is no encryption in his visual side, but between the program and the info, there is encryption.
The program interprets it so he can see it without it all being hexidecimal.
i don't think phpmyadmin have the ability to show the reversed MD5 hashed password O:
plus , i can only change password on the Sereon Admin Panel but not read it(why should i look at user's password ?)

I request a topic lock since its getting off topic

How can I be jealous of your server?  I've never been on your server, I've seen thousands of servers,  GMed plenty of them, and played over a hundred.   But thank you for your "mature" response which is not to be expected from any GM, clearly you are not up to the task.  You represent your server,  if you start flaming people for their opinions, then you are degrading the reputation of your server at the same time.


This topic has gotten so off topic its like trying to keep up with a season of Lost.

Topic has been locked, and for god sakes - do not make another thread about this.

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