Started by shinigami10, Jul 18, 2009, 01:48 PM

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does anyone played zeusro before? for what i think for zeusro is this.

gameplay: its quite smooth for me since it's quite near me. i'm from singapore and the server located at malaysia. and the things there is quite nice and easy to hunt for high rate. and their custom items is balance too. it's great to have a balance server.


players: for wat i think for the players was that they mainly speak malay at high rate and mainly speak english at low rate. and when they speak malay at high rate, i can't understand what they r saying and ask someone to translate. so it's quite inconvenience for us if we don't know they language...


Game Master: for some of the gm it's quite friendly but then they might be angry if we keep on asking something... but at least they will help us out if we are new, even if we need something or get helped from custom quest, they will help but not with the items but the finding of npc all that.


populations: it's quite little now, but at least they are growing. and i not too sure why last time theres around 100++ people now became 20++ people.. it's kinda sad... so hope people try this server out if can... T.T


more about ZeusRO: for what i know, they are releasing custom jobs this year. and theres alot wings that is balance. and they are making custom NPC that are only ZeusRO has it!! coming soon too!! so we will all try it when it's out=D


overall rating: 6.7/10(for the above rating) my own rating: 8/10

low/mid rate topic on RMS: http://www.ratemyserver.net/forum/high-rate/zeusro-t11307/0/
high rate topic on RMS: http://www.ratemyserver.net/forum/mid-rates/zeusro-t11308/0/

i not too sure on how to make a topic on this... so hope u all forgive me T.T




Looks good from here, good effort.


thanks=) i just want to know who play zeusro here. cause i want more and more people to join back =) hope u all try it out=D


Well from what I've seen here at

They should at least modify the web template. It's good that they have active GMs, but they have to get skilled staff members to help promote the server better.


for what i know, they are changing the skin of the website soon when something new release. and the forum changed to very strange look... for the advertisement thingy, i think that normal players who like it should advertise it too rather than waiting for the GMs to do something. thought that i wasn't a professional for all this but i will still try to advertise abit.