Started by wtfuxx, Aug 05, 2009, 08:52 AM

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Official Site: http://www.zeta-ro.net ( Dare to start at ZeRO )

Rates: 15k/15k/10k

Hmm ZetaRO? Of all the servers I've played, this is the one exciting server in i have played, I play where I stay, it has very good gameplay without lag without the game is crashed, other thing is the GM and Helpers very helpful, when you have any doubts they clarify it and to play without any doubt, War of Emperium is very intense, very good, most entertaining more difficult in very good summary, well for now im staying in this server =P

Custom NPCs: Healer, Stat/Skill Reseter, Job Changer, 3rd Job changer, Arena Monster, Stylist, Goldroom, Dead Branch Room, Token Room Quest, Disguise Room.

Class Balance: All Class are really balanced, the 3rd classes and their Custom Skills, Pvp is pretty balanced, non-donator can owned donator, and btw you can get donation item in their quest npc's.

GM / Helpers: Admin, GM, Helpes, Police are always there in Ayothaya city and ready to help you.
Note: when i joined this server 6days ago, the admin recalled me and he help me, he give me a starting items like a weapon with a doppel-card, and he warped me in training ground =P, so for me the admin is really friendly.

Community: Community is 300-450 and all players are very helpful and friendly, and they said that ZetaRO has a fast growing community.

Economy: for me economy is 5/10, because players sell their items too expensive xD

Language: English

Rate: 9/10

So yeah thats all for now, well all i can say is "try this server and pm me there LOL come w/ me and make a Quest" *jokes* /meh



Yea pretty good server accept for one thing, I would never play a server with a (Net Cap) it means they only support a set number of players at one time, There net cap is 300-400 players, After that you cannot log on any more, I guess there using it to lower there lag, Can't blame them they probably don't have the bandwidth to handle more then the amount shown, Bandwidth can be expensive.

Say there was 400 players online and you happened to be one of those players and doing something important and all of a sudden your client crash's or you disconnect from the server or have connection problems due to your internet provider or w/e the case maybe, And at that very moment a player on wait to log in logs on and snatch's your place, You would not be able to log on, I can see that to be annoying.  

I'll throw down a 3/10 on this server.


You may want to be a bit more in depth your review. It's a bit sparing and may be threatened to be junked.


This can be taken from their server listing, except the gm part.

And is this Syntax?, or is he just using his template.  Because it looks like it, and it's not a review template.


No im not Syntax, told ya guys, im new here in RMS forum /meh, so yah i think i copy the other, but not like *copy and paste* xD, sorry there, i promise to i make my own next time.



Ah okay that's good.

His reviews aren't proper, so if you want to write a review, make it indepth so that people can read about how the server is, and what's it like playing there.  Add in what customs etc, and how they effect gameplay and so on.

A review for a ro private server is mostly an evaluation on the community and the customs they have there, and how that works with the normal world of ro.


You get a freebie with this one for being new. xD

Please edit it and add some depth to it so it's a proper forum review. Next time though, it's going straight to the Junk Yard.


Yuh, at least write a more in-depth review.  If you're new to RMS or writing reviews, try looking at other's reviews(excluding mine).