Started by Habuka, May 18, 2010, 10:27 PM

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Alright so this is my review on ZeRO, the online high rate PvP server. This review is going to be rather short and to the point because I dont have enough time to be doing reviews. I hope this helps people out with picking there High rate server or to avoid it.


Stability: ZeRO had a bit of lag once I started but right now, it seems to be doing fine. Whatever the problem was, they must have fixed it so overall, the server is very stable.

Availability: The section is one of the best parts about the server, it's almost never down (A first for most new servers). They only go down once or twice when they hafto update or are fixing a problem within the server.


Friendliness: The community is rather nice but then again, it is a very new server so this area was given a high grade because of the current people there are very well kept.

Eventfulness: I have seen lots of events being done to keep people around but I think they should stick more to the GM hosted events because they are rather fun to take part in.

Game Masters

Friendliness: The GM's on the server are very nice to the players and the other staff members. They have no problem helping with questions and problems.

Availability: They arnt always around but more then other servers I have seen. When they do get on, I havnt seen them simply ignore a question. 

Helpfulness: The GM's are very helpful, they dont mind awnsering your question and taking the time to help you understand a concept with builds or character leveling and server side problems.


Economy: Almost every item is sold in the mall so I cant say to much about this; There is no economy.

Guild Competition: The guilds arnt really considered guilds on this server because there just arnt enough people to be taking part in GvG events or WoE.

Class Balance: The classes are rather balanced, they have the right nerfs and buffs which makes this server fun for everyone and every class that likes to take part.

This was a very quick review for ZeRO and I hope you can go and check it out if you are into a big/fun PvP high rate server!
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The community sounds pretty stellar for a PvP server.  I would have expected a much more unfavorable review for that reason alone, but that's really impressive.  Glad you're having a good time there despite your "Current Servers" status. ;p


I dont play any server currently. I just kinda hop servers untell I find a good one.
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Ah, I see. Well, it's good to know that there's somebody out there looking out for server seekers' best interests, at least.


Hey! I appreciate the review, Habuka. I've heard from multiple sources that the problem our server does have are:
1. Guild Competition - WOE is the next part I will be working on as soon as I'm done with the custom weapon quests. That should, hopefully, help with the guild competition.
2. Events - Not much of a population, not many options for a GM. I'm still trying to find people from various time zones that would be interested in this position, and are actually helpful. I should script a bunch of auto-events, though.

You did raise a point about the economy. Well, I don't think this should be an issue as we get more players (whenever that happens), since there are no MvP cards in the mall. Also, the custom gear and quest items are things that need to be hunted for. In my opinion, that's the most I can do for a SHR economy. If you have suggestions, I would be glad to hear them out.

Class balance - This was one of the first things I worked on, and I believe we this should be one of ZeRO's strong points, as far as SHR style PvP is concerned. Again, if you have any suggestions for this, I would be happy to hear them out.

Once again, thanks for your review.


Your welcome!
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