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Started by Yuzuki, Mar 09, 2015, 03:41 PM

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So I've been playing this server for about a week and as a new server I'd really like to see them improve and grow so that's why I'm doing a review! :)

For the GMs reference, I was not a beta player so my opinion is only based on an outsiders perspective (as a new player).

Also, one point I'd like to clarify. There was no such bribe whatsoever for me to do this review. I noticed in a fairly old post that there was such an accusation so just wanted to clear things up.

Server Stability
This server does not appear to be able to hold a high capacity of players. I started playing on the day of the grand opening (March 1st) and it was alright at first but as more people joined and we reached our peak, which honestly wasn't that high (100 players or so), it started getting laggy. A part of it was definitely my Internet but others were lagging as well so the server definitely isn't that stable. I have no idea where the server is located so that might also be part of the issue. (Currently residing in Canada)

That being said, I can see that GMs are clearly working towards stabilizing the server with the next update so I look forward to experiencing lag-free gameplay  /no1

Community Friendliness
Weirdly enough, the community friendliness is rather extreme, so you either have extremely rude or extremely nice people. But of course, the latter are the people worth playing for! :3 That said, as a starting server, it is a pretty tight knit community so people tend to be very helpful.

They occur pretty frequently. It would be nice if the event at the beginning kind of explained the rules in more detail because I had no idea what was happening at first. Example, poring catcher, I had no idea you had to find the "right" poring, I thought you were just supposed to keep killing until you found the right one. I "lost" multiple times before I figured it out and that was only after a beta player filled me in. In terms of personally held events run by an actual GM, I have yet to see one and I've been fairly active. (Evolved my homunculus within a week :P)

Haven't gotten to really know the staff yet on a personal level but they appear friendly. A tad bit unprofessional at times as some of what they say... I don't think it's what a GM should be saying. Server seems a bit quiet at times. As a server just starting, I would have thought they'd be more active but I honestly haven't seen most of the main GMs. The response rate isn't bad though, if you're looking for a GM you will usually find one within an hour or so.

I find it a bit strange that they nerfed some items, considering the VIPs have a huge advantage as is, so this nerf kind of just makes it harder for non-VIPs like me to make money. Prices seem ok so far, but again, the server is only just starting to roll so its hard to judge this aspect of the game since it's only been a week.

There is a clear divide from those who donate and don't donate which is common in most servers. One aspect that really caught my eye on this server initially though was that they advertised themselves as a balanced server where donations aren't necessary to do well in but I really don't see that.

General Comments
When I first saw the homepage, the one thing that really stood out to me was that there was no register button!!! (which is probably really important! xD) I had to type random things into Username & Password and then click login to arrive at the "forgot password/register option". I think it needs to be a bit more explicit than that :P

Re-reading my comments, overall, seems more negative than positive but it is a new server and GMs are working hard in making improvements where ever necessary. Some of the more fun aspects are slowly being rolled out so I think it's worth trying for a week or so. Again, it is my personal opinion, although a mid-rate server, it feels more like a low-rate to me but I personally like that in contrast to high-rate servers.


The server isn't exactly new, like 5months old just btw.


That was beta. So I still consider it new. But yeah, that's pretty subjective I guess :P


Uh it wasn't beta the server was officially launched once on first of november (I think it was november) but Zeal wiped it a few weeks ago.
Wait Zeal is claiming these 4 or 5 months were beta only?



@Ariasqt: No, that is not what they explicitly claimed. I only remember they launched as Beta a few months back but I was too busy to join at that time. So that's what I assumed.

@Henryk: An interesting read. For the specifics on the GM corruption, I have no idea about that. I do see that GMs are rather "Inactive" (as I also mentioned in my review) and don't really appear to care as much as they should, considering the grand launch was only a week ago.


The server re-opened 10 days ago and the population is already on a decline. Even with all the "free advertisement" (cough) from the corruption topic.  /heh

I highly recommend you find another server to invest your time on, I can almost guarantee this server will not even make it to 3 months.

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"

Good luck!
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Well that's quite disappointing to hear. I guess I'll see for myself.

On a more positive note though, I did meet a handful of cool peeps, so its not all bad stuff ;)

Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated  /no1


The biggest reason Zeal a.k.a. Avid doing server wipe on previous Zeal server.

QuotePart 4 - The BIG one

As you know, the MvP rates of the server are 10x and 1x for cards.

Being 10x means that all equips and high tier MvP quips drop at 100%

Can you see the issue here with balance? there is way to much in the server that is causing to much un-balance, economy inflation and more.

Then read his recent changes on Zeal forum.

QuoteHey guys, we have made changes to the drop rates of MvP monsters and these are permanent.

MvP drop rates WAS 1x with 2x on increased rates.

They are NOW 3x with 5x on increased rates.

We are going to slowly bring changes and improvements to make ZealRO a better experience for you all.

Make sure you post in the suggestions topic as we will be going through all of these soon and hopefully implement most of them.

Keep in mind we still want to keep the server balanced but also fun.

You guys already know how much original "high tier MvP equip drops" rate and how much after getting 3-5x rates.
Will you guys jump into another clearly sinking ship again ?  /hmm

Edit :
Changing the yellow color into brown because its too bright.


friend of mine who play there only because they got a lot of Gold Coin ( donation coin ) because they already donated 1/11/2014 told me actually he messed up again with drops xD WM drop is again 100% or was, not sure and the gm staff always offline and the lag is still there, they also told me Zeal is less online than before.
They still have the countdown on the website from day 1 xDD GRAND OPENING IN : DAY 0 HOURS 0 MINUTES 0 SECONDS 0...
maybe he's saving the countdown in case he will wipe the server for the 4° time :^^)



Oh my god  this is amazing.


yeah... well, anyone know a good mid-rate? with serious staff?


Avid / Zeal , I know you're reading this topic (from taking down that opening timer). Could you advise one of your staff to check his mental health. I'm bit worried about someone who need to make 2 other alts and doing "three way chat" to himself in RMS forum and Zeal forum.

I was going to make sarcasm reply about problem above , but joking about heavily suspected mentally ill person doesnt seems right.  /wah


Well Avid/Zeal is back with a new server and name "GM Blake - playragnarok.net" and same fate! Now he is accusing a guild for duplicating items on its first month! This guy is good at telling lies to the players.