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Started by xXShiroXx, Aug 17, 2014, 06:19 PM

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da mein rieview immer gelöscht wird habe ich mich beschlossen hier was über den server zu schreiben.
der server gehört Rynbef von YunaRo und er meint wieder alles auszunutzen mit @item
die posetiven rieviews werden von Rynbef hervorgerufen indem er sobald er guten kontakt knüft sagt
kannste ein guten rieview für server schreiben? jeden sollte selbs die entscheidung überlassen sein
wie er sein rieview schreibt und nicht durch admin beinflusst werden, dazu kommen noch das der
server unlimed laggt und das man ohne grund gebannt wird. der admin behauptet auch immer
das kommt alles von BurnRO wobei ich da nichteinmal spiele, finde das einfach rufschädigent was er treibt
hoffe dagegen wird was gemacht. ich empfehle diesen server eindeutig nicht.


The reason I decided to write something about this server is that my review always gets deleted.
The owner of the server is Rynbef of YunaRO and he is abusing his authory with @item as always.
Positive reviews occur as conclusion from his maniplulative trait to use new "friends".
It should be a free choice to make how to write your own review without being manipulated from the admin.
Furthermore, the server is lagging all day long and you get banned for no reason.
The admin just tells me the reason is that I am from BurnRO but that joke is not even funny 'cause I don't play there.
He accuses me of ruining the reputation by fault as mission from BurnRO.
But in reality it is my reputation that suffers.
I just hope something will be done. I can't suggest to play there. Please don't.


Your review was deleted on the site because it does not follow the review guidelines.  If you have any proof of review on any server listing that is obtained by breaking our terms of services you are welcome to report them.  The terms of services and the review guidelines (also presented before you write a review) can be found on the footer of the website.


Last time the admin made hisself a 24 sloted headgear with that costume op cards. Some ppl which I know saw that because they allowed him to host his server on theirs under the condition not to be a corrupt bastard. When they found it out they instantly removed it from their server. This is the reason why yunaro v3 was insta-down.
But even after his 3rd try this guy isnt even able to learn anything. The massive lacking of understanding combined with the quick growth of aggressity for any suggestion or notes how imbalaced some things are making him look like a 12 yrs old child.
I can ask these admins for the screen of this headgear again but this will take some time because I just know them over some other peeps.

I recommed to avoid this server because its made by a sub-human.
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