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Started by lowratetester, Mar 18, 2015, 08:58 PM

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This is my review on the XeRO low rate server links to the server are

they also have a highrate I have not reviewed yet the link to that is here

I do believe this was a old server of there's as the gm names are the same but I cannot be 100% sure

here is my review

Great low rate server needs some work but it is still in pre release as the description says once the work is finished it should be a strong contender with the rest of the low rates the option of a high rate in the same place without having to download anything extra is also a nice addition there is a few issues that need to be addressed

my suggestions
custom items seem to be copied from a range of different servers this is good and bad in saying that though everyone seems to be coping each other now but what original customs they do have are great 
npcs need to be more organized in the main towns there a little uneven
could use a few more npc's
website could use some work
there is no community yet
rms page the drops are not listed correctly
no full client
the job master is dated and could use some work but it works perfectly fine its just not as good as it could be
the full buffer script gives too many op buffs and doesn't cost anything I spoke to the gm about this he claimed it was to aide in leveling while the server was still new but I don't agree with him in needing it
it doesn't seem like it has been worked on since 2007 and that it was not completed back then which supports the old review but in saying that I couldn't find the same issues and the old reviewer did
this server really needs a good community to work out what bugs it does have if it is going to survive but most people don't have the patience they just want to get on and play so im not sure what the future will bring for this server but like every other server they got to start some where 

the good
there is no lag (but there is no community)
everything seems to be stable
custom items are good nice range and not impossible to obtain
good old school server feel
good work so far but there is a bit to go yet
rates and drops seem to be good on the server

This was my first review u can either like it or hate it everyone's opinion is different this was based on 1 week of game time