XenaRO: What makes it so popular?

Started by Kiroshou, Jan 01, 2007, 12:34 AM

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Have you ever wandered around and found these servers that were "alright", had quite a few downsides, but were popular as hell anyway?

Go back and see servers that you would say are nearly flawless, but don't even average 100.

I'm talking about XenaRO's Highrate. Lately, I have taken an extreme interest in such highrates, so of course I decided to give this server a try. At first, I was not disappointed. The broadcast system was kinda annoying, but then I adjusted to it and realized that it brings the server closer together.

I was levelling like a madman, not like it was difficult. Hitting Lv1000 in a flash I was ready to be a PVPing machine. I had my Hydra Cards, my Thara Frog. I was ready to start mopping the floor. My first point of interest was to seek revenge on those who bullied me around 600 levels ago -- Back to Thanatos Tower. It's time for ME to be the highlevelled PKer. At first, I rocked them. I never felt so great, I must be a natural-born a******.

Then, "it" came. People started rolling in by the truckloads with Ice Picks, nailing me in less then 10 seconds, absolutely obliterating me. So I'm like..alright, I know how to go around this -- Magic, or ranged. Screw 'em, what's the use of Ice Pick if they can't hit me? It was time to make a Stalker.

Copying Jupitel Thunder, I was a machine. I could Sight via Horong Card AND Hide at the same time. Jupitel Thunder and backslide, hide and be undetectable, it was great.

Suddenly, a different "it" came around. Thanatos Card. This card single-handedly caused me to quit the server. People TSS'd me for 2,000,000 damage. Mind you, my max HP is only a little over that, so two TSS's and I was overkilled. But..maybe it was just that one guy?

Nope. There must've been 50 of those cards floating around. The entire centerpiece of the server (PVP) was ruined for me, and it got me thinking.

Why does that server still grow? Why do people still play it so much?

If you ever played XenaRO, explain to me what makes it so great?


the general rule is that the higher the base lvl the moreridiculous pvp becomes. lvl 1000 is going to be so ridiculous that u cant complain at stupid numbers coming out.


I do believe - there must be something left to do in the game - at high rate servers without MVP rooms- You will never find MVPS alive and in a server with a MVP room - MVP items will be out like bunnies. I do have much better experience playing low rate/Med rate servers personally ;)
Server I have been on:
Srvr Rating      Ups       Downs
qRO 8/10      Fun&Quick  MVPs rarely found
aRO 7/10      Diversity   Bullying,Lag
nlRO 1/10      None         Broke,Donation server
SurgeRO 0/10 None          Unstable

Your local Dark Raven flying over ye Servers ;)