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Started by Karew, May 21, 2008, 05:20 PM

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xcessro is basically run on a shoestring. While the GMs may be on, they prefer to socialize and capture WoE castles instead of fixing some of the simple problems I was able to see from just playing normally, such as:

  • Some card images crash the client
  • Random maps have incorrect camera mode (like you're inside a shop)
  • @warp is not available for all normal maps (ex. lhz_dun03 is locked, but odin_tem03 isn't?)
  • Duplicate NPC locations (including right next to each other!)
  • Homunculi are still capped at level 99, making them useless vs. players who can go to 500
  • The MPV arena has broken rooms

in addition, these are some server modifications xcessro had that do not constitute a problem per se, but that I did not care for:

  • All MVPs had 1.5x slower spawn rate
  • Too much spoonfeeding in some places and not enough in others. Some examples: xcessro includes NPC that never fails to refine an item. Archer arrows are all available from a shopping mall NPC, but Alchemists and Sages must still gather materials by hand.

In all, I believe my review was just. I gave xcessro points for it's uptime and stability, but the administrator's lacking knowledge of Ragnarok is easily seen.


I understand your review pretty well except for that fact that the server isn't fully finished yet. We know about the problems are are usually up all night working on them, A lot of servers have cards that kill your client, i played on one for 2 years. Not all maps allow you to move the camera, and no i haven't warp to every possible map to check them so i apologize. But then again if we don't know about those maps how can we fix them? Telling the GM's might have been a good idea. Second We haven't messed with @warp yet, Nor are all of the MvP's finished yet. So again i apologize that we haven't fixed everything as fast as you believe we should have, second I don't remember that last time a GM woe'd. But then again this is what you saw, so when you review a client please remember to check if the server is even finished before you post its problems. And last thing, we don't lack knowledge of Ragnarok, we lack a FINISHED SERVER, just so that you fully understand this. The server is about half way finished, I was sure that would be apparent to people but I see its not, so I'm making sure you all understand this now. Thank you and have a nice day.


I agree, we are not completely finished as Azra said, we are not finished.  If you dont like a complete server that finished your benifits, then fine.  And as for woe, A few gms work hard and some hold an event that time.  Some of us need a break.  Yes, some of the cards don't fully work, Why? we're worried about more important things like the Npc's and items that error people. Making sure the website works ect. We are working hard. If you cant cut us some slack, then that's on you.  Again, we are not fully completed.