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The theme returns once again, but this one is rather exceptional. Rather than the old pet system previous servers had used, this one has a unique pokeball that returns and summons pokemon. Pokemons battle very smoothly alongside with you and I enjoy this server so much I had to review it.

The server just opened today, but I fell in love right away. The rates are 25x/25x/10x. But they've completely removed the initial hurdle of leveling with pokemon. Yes, you get one of the 3 original starters. So no more dual clienting an archer to level your acolyte. Pokemons are all customized, there's over 200 unique pokemon and they all do different things (at least from what i've seen). Just a few off the top of my head that I saw: abra removes consumption of fly wings, meowth decreases zeny spent on cart term/mammo, clefairy casts agi/bless, +so much more. Not to mention a fully functional pokedex; gotta catch em all ;). And i love the fact that you can train your pokemon to be stronger.

Class balancing: 10/10 There's even thought into considering balancing lowly played classes. No more need for endows for some classes (can use element matching your pokemon). Not to mention WS CT costs removed.

Economy: 9/10 I can't speak much about the economy, server just opened, but I can sense that zeny value will be something in this servers. Way too many times does server make poor sinks. Just the word pokeballs has resolved this issue.

Stability: 10/10 for now; will update if needed, running smooth at this time.

Customization: 10/10 their costume system is so cool, there's about 3000 costumes, of course you gotta earn em. but you can stack headgears (up to 3) no more ugly mids. Got tired of memorizing ragnarok monsters in disguise event? now its solely pokemon GL.

Donations: 9/10 I dont see it being p2w. Currency that is earnable in game.

GMs: 10/10 they are active and responsive to feedback, everyone seems so amicable right now, even the players. They have been diligent fixing bugs.

PVP: 6/10 its mid rate, no ones in there now. but there's pokemon stadium where pokemons battle exclusively. the whole server gets hyped from that event just alone.

I don't know why there's no RMS listing but this is the server to rave about. If you're looking for something a new but is still ragnarok, this will be your cup of tea.

I'm not allowed to post links, but theres more info on their RMS, which got removed for some reason.


Hi!, i just wanted to make an honest review on this. The game is not new but the new feature are really awesome. Unlike before you can only just summon 1 Pokemon at a time and now you can summon multiple Pokemon. I'm from SHR server and i play SHR since i played Ragnarok. I don't like slow lvl and farming server coz its tiring and im kinda lazy person unlike on SHR its easy to get item even with a lots of quest. But this one is really good for a newbie like me.

I really recommend this server for a newbie player who wants to play Ragnarok. You can easily understand the server and how to play Ragnarok Online . There so many new system and features that i only saw in this server.

One thing i really like is the Support Pokemon System. Since you can summon multiple Pokemon, you can easily manage to do farming while leveling.

You will see how the economy works when you play it. Since the server is fresh, all i can say is it will have a good economy in the future.

and one thing, the costume system is really cool lol. You can choose where to equip your the costume you want wear. :D it was cool right?

Also you can get donation item in game not just to donate. For now i can't see any p2w in this server.

I will not ask you to stay on this server but  try it here if you're new on Ragnarok Online or an old player but don't like LR/MR servers likes me XD


Hello Everyone this is my honest review on the Server, Since i like to play SHR and not a fan of low rates or mid rate server cozz its very hard to level and its not instant pvp. so at first i was hesitant to try this server.

The Server Theme : Pokemon

The name caught my attention so i went to give it a try. /heh
The server has laid out the theme of Pokemons and has tried to implement it inside the world of Ragnarok and to my surprise this server has done a great job.

they have multiple Pokemons that are summonable and these pokemons can be found on the maps and we can try to catch.
these pokemons are very useful in leveling and farming which makes life easy on a mid rate server.

These pokemon can use supportive skills like heal and they sometimes tank the mobs which is very useful for lvling and farming.

Also id like to mention the event System that is customized according to the Theme which i enjoyed the most (Pokemon disguise Automated Event) and many more

this server even has Pokemon Gym battles that are exactly the same mechanics as playing a Pokemon Game.

This server really made me enjoy leveling up  with  pokemon partners even tho the server rates was  25x/25x/10x. I really had fun to level with pokemons  with me.

Thoughts about Community and GM team
The community was very friendly and I could ask questions on #main and players on the server and the GMs replied me in an instant.
The Developer has done a great job implementing the Pokemon theme to RO and also I found cool NPCs and Modifications that made this server relate to the Pokemon theme

Costume System and Features
The costume system feature on the server was very good and interesting and they have this cool feature when u change job the weapon sprite also changes which made it look awesome
It was cool with novice wielding Kirito Blades as a start off with.
you can apply costume to any slot on the headgear which makes tons of opportunities for fashioning your characters which is really cool
Gym Badges :
Its really cool that these gym badges are used as charms and can be obtained after winning a pokemon battle against Gym trainers
Pokemon Quest storyline:
The Quest storyline is also based on the Pokemon theme where u need to battle Gym trainers which is kinda supported to the theme
Pokemon Evolution:
This is absolutely a cool feature, you can Evolve the pokemons that you catch and they become stronger after they evolve which is very cool
Main Town:
i liked the main town of the server "pokemon town" which is really good and supports the theme  /lv .

So summing up all the features that I liked on the server. This server has done a very good job. And I enjoyed playing it


is this related to the guy with the custom costume system and the costume mob system?


Quote from: Eiponpon on Jun 05, 2021, 06:07 PM
is this related to the guy with the custom costume system and the costume mob system?

I'm not sure though, depends on the custom you're referring too.

Other than that, this server is exceptional, would really recommend this to anyone without any topics discussed. /lv


Its a fairly new server so in regards to economy, i cannot comment on it.

This server is definitely different from other servers because of its pokemon mechanics.

Every class is viable on this server and what is good about this server is despite its low population, with your pokemons, you can tackle just about any content in game wether youre a support main or a dps main.

I think atm there's only 1 gm and that is just the owner so some bugs are taking a bit longer to fix than others but when you report something, you get immediate response which for me is a great thing.

I can see early players having a huge advantage over newer players though since atm, with few players playing, there are less competition in pokemon catching and fishing mining spots. I can see this as a very competitive mechanic once the server grows and more people starts playing it.

In terms of population, ive been playing it for a week and I can see the population is steadily increasing! So if you guys are interested, its highly adviseable to start now before things gets hectic and you have more competition catching pokemons.

For casual players though, i can see this server will not cater to you. Finding a legendary pokemon in the wild is like finding a needle in a haystack. The only clue it gives you is wether its in a field or a dungeon, and its up to you if you want to search every nook and cranny of every field map or dungeon in game to encounter and catch it. Its definitely more on a grindy side.

A lot of contents to work towards to end game as well. There are npcs called master crafter which can make some pretty amazing gears for your character.

Basically, in order to fully maximize your character in this server, you have to catch and train good pokemons / legendary pokemons + grind for your gears.

We all know how hard it is to grind for gears already in low rate servers. So with addition of grinding and looking for pokemons as well. The end game of this server will keep you busy for a long long time. So if youre the type of person who plays for like 2-3hours a day, then prepare yourself for a very long grind. Since 2-3hours of playtime a day would barely move your character's progression.

One thing that I can think of in order for this server to be a little bit better is to think of the casual players as well.

As we all know, most ro players are old players who plays the game for nostalgia and almost everyone is at the age of having jobs and careers as their priority. So for me, something very grindy is not appealing.

But thats just minor issue though. I think its a good server. But again, its too early to tell. The gm is very helpful and interactive with the players but almost every new server is like that though.


My impression on the server for the duration I've been playing.

The pokemon mechanics are fun BUT it leaves a lot to be desired. Outside of the pokemon mechanics, it's just pre renewal with 25/25/10 rates and feels extremely bleh because the fun mechanics are sparse.

Random trainers feel like hunting for an MVP should a core mechanic like this be this rare? As a server should don't you want your players see this kind of mechanic commonly?

Finding non-legendary pokemon is a tedious/boring experience. It's 24/7 fly winging which is a drag. Again this feels like looking for an MVP. This is suppose to be a core mechanic, if I am fly winging for over an hour it's just straight up boring. Not only that, the catch rate adds another layer of RNG.

Early on, strengthening pokemon does not feel impactful early on. I understand it scales pretty hard but I think the early impacts need a buff. Reaching a bonus of 100~200 ATK should not take catching 50~100 pokemons.

My last concern is the donation shop. The current mechanics make it feel like you are pressured into using the donation shop very early on.

If I had to summarize it, this server could have a much smoother experience because as of right now it feels like taking part in the pokemon mechanic is extremely tedious and outside of pokemon, you just have a plain old pre renewal experience.