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Started by Arlo, May 15, 2010, 03:23 AM

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I've been playing HiddenRO for a very long time and I want to share my thoughts to you people about this server. Although I've been on many servers, I was on HiddenRO long enough and have seen the forum activity which is enough to make a review. I even got to the point where wipe is in order for this server. Even if all my items are wiped (which is very sad, in my part T_T), I decided to stay. I find the wipe very reasonable in many ways (not that I support it). It's not that bad to start again anyway, I got my items through hard work and legal ways but that doesn't make me join the never-ending childish whine-fest as what had happened before the wipe. I can get them back easily in many ways, anyway. It'll also make new players to stay and be not overwhelmed by old players who's running with numerous donates and legendary weapons. Okay, as for my review, here goes.


Stability: 10/10

- Definitely stable. The server is always up. No lag, at all. You will only experience lag when the server is reloading the scripts and that happens for a very shortest time.

Availability: 9/10

- The server is always up. The only time I know that it was down is because an unexpected crash happens and it lasted for almost half a day (well, at that time, the admin is asleep, so...nothing can be done about that), but other than that, all downtimes are planned and announced as soon as possible.


Friendliness: 8/10

-   You will always find nice people, smart-donkey people and dumb people in every community. Fortunately, nice people are dominant in the HiddenRO community. As for the opposite of being nice in the community, there is a necessity for them to PK and KS whenever it is possible, worst is to get some insults from them if you died from being PKed or if you beg to stop them from KSing your mobs. However, the community is really great and very welcoming. If you're new to the server, you can easily tell who's nice. Just shout for 'help' in our main town, Prontera, and surely someone will gladly help you as much as he/she can.
-   Just as how players helpful in-game, but also in forums. Sometimes you will encounter a smart-donkey player posting in your topic/thread. Insults also run within the forums but mostly that's just part of the drama of some guilds and among its guild members, but of course GMs (Game Masters) are strict when it comes to the usage of words in the forums.
-   After the wipe, HiddenRO has become a small community; 18-31 players (That includes the 4 vendors in the mall). The community, being small, is still welcoming and helpful. We are all looking forward to have more players.

Eventfulness: 6/10

- There haven't been any events since the wipe had happened. GMs only do events when there are many players online. There are automated events like Invasion (It is disabled at the moment and will be enabled soon before this month end) and 4-Square. There are also forum events such as Guess-the-Monster (As the name implies) and Forum-Scavenger-Hunt (The GM hosting it will give clues on a certain item and you have to guess it.) I am giving this a 6 because what I really want is an event in-game and its more fun if its in-game.


- The GM team is rarely seen now after the wipe. There haven't been any events as well cause of low population. Well, there's team player, Penguin Azul, Quarter Machine, Rebel, Licorice and Astraea. Astraea is always online on MSN (Yep! Always online, 24/7, but doesn't mean she's always available. She sleeps and has a life to manage too. She left it on so players can leave a message and will work on it as soon as she got online). The other GMs are developers so sometimes they are unavailable. As for the admins, still the same, hardly seen online even before the wipe. Archetype, one of the admins, is sometimes online and those sometimes only happen when he's going to test something. Well, Archetype is approachable; you can also ask him about some things (HRO related, of course, else ignored). But rest assured that they are doing their jobs at their best and is willing to give time to fix everything that needs to be fixed.

Economy: 0/0

- I can't rate the economy ATM since it has just experienced a wipe.

Guild Competition: 3/10

- There 'were' many guilds in HiddenRO and it's really fun too during WoE. At the moment, 2 major guilds are trying to get their gears back and are trying to get WoE as soon as they're ready. There were also a big lost of guild members from those guilds and the other guilds because of the wipe. HiddenRO's War of Emperium is set up for three castles per WoE type for the server's population. Well, even after the wipe, there's this one guild (I assume it's a new one and with 10 members already @_@) who WoEd and kill everyone that goes in their castle and try to take it. It's really fun even if they don't have the best equips, their teamwork kills even the donated ones. We need more players to get the guild competition back.

Class Balance: 10/10

- The GM team did an incredible job to balance the transcendent jobs. Even after the wipe, players who got donates can't rule the server. There are also the so-called 1st and 2nd legendary weapons for each class and they are balanced as well, no underpowered or overpowered issues. High Wizard can make a good fight with Soul Linkers and Professors. It is also easy to make bottles for Acid Demonstration for you can buy the requirements from an NPC (In the Shop Bazaar). Taekwon Master/Star Gladiator's Flying Side Kick is nerfed and its element is always neutral (Sounds like its being underpowered? No. It was done because it is overpowered.) Many players find it easy to kill people by using Running+FSK and make a damage output ranging from 120k-280k. Third jobs are coming soon and I can't wait for it and see how it was balanced too. I'll make an update review once the 3rd jobs in the server are complete.

Overall: 55/70

- The server is good as new, except for the fact that some players are running with donates, but that doesn't matter. Give it a shot! I'm sure your going to like this server. There are donated items (unslotted version, except for the stones) that you can obtain through voting. There are custom MVPs too (But their drops are useless at the moment and are still being planned to put to good use). Endless Tower is disabled at the moment because it gives crashes to the server but it will be fixed soon.

- For Quest-Type Players / Headgear-Monger: Many custom items to quest to keep you busy. I'd like to name a few: Luffy Hat, Doom Wings, Fairy Wings, Cutie Wings, Magic Runes, Frog Hat, and Cute Kitty Hat. You can find information about them in the HiddenRO forums. There are also the BANKAIS (Hardest quest in the server. Unfortunately, the GM team decided not to exploit information about it in the forums but it is allowed to get information from the players' in-game who made the quest, one of them is me =D). There are also custom headgears that you can obtain from accumulating points by doing Invasion and also by voting.

1.)   Max level (350) can only be reached by doing a quest. If ever you succeed on finishing the max level quest, you'll obtain the Three 50 Blinker which gives very helpful effects when it comes to PvP.
2.)   Golden Thief Bug card gives 70% resist.
3.)   Two Kiel-D01 cards stack.
4.)   Whitesmith card effect is 2% chance to break weapon and armor and a +10% HP.
5.)   Lord of Death card effect is +10% ATK and has a chance of casting Level 3 Cross of Darkness.
6.)   Drake card has a chance of auto-casting grimtooth while the wearer is attacking.
7.)   Sniper Card is compounded on Headgear and effects is for every 20 agility gives 1 flee and for every 15 dexterity gives 1% additional physical damage.
8.)   Ifrit Card gives +9% ATK, CRIT and HIT.
9.)   All other cards work as intended by Gravity.
10.)   There is also a custom mini-boss: Jesus and Satan that drop cards. Jesus card and Satan card has no effect whatsoever and is intended for use to get Light and Dark items respectively. Light set is composed of 4 items, same goes for the Dark set: the armor, the manteau, the shield and the shoes. There are certain effects if you wear Light set and Dark set and I guess that's for you to find out. Protip: Light set is for defense while Dark set is for offense.

That's all I want you to know, for now. As for the others, you go find out yourselves. It'll be worth of your time. I greatly recommend this server for any type of RO player.

Here's the site of HiddenRO: http://hidden.hidden-nw.com/

See you there.  :D