Wicked Ro Review

Started by 1234567890, May 15, 2010, 01:04 AM

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Today, I am going to discuss about a very unique server. Even though it's a little bit under rated, I can say that it's a den of pure ragnarok online gameplay....

Today I would most likely follow my own style of Reviews in RMS ;D

Wicked Ro

First Impressions: The first time I logged this server, I was amazed to see the gm's in the main town supporting their people. The support the gm's give symbolizes their solidarity and time they gave for this server. Truly, whoever gets past these friendly community can say " This server is worth the making!"

Availability 5/10

The server is only up for 12/7 , but don't worry, It's fun when it starts :)


This server ain't crowded . And the best of all, It's not a den of foolish botters and random in-game black marketeers . One could expect a balanced community in this server.

Respect 9/10

The people here are up for a challenge! But they seek friendship. Remember this, every guild in our server has 100% Teamwork!! 0% Maltreatment 0.0% Imbalance ;) Expect more friends if you join wicked ro^^

GM Friendliness 10/10

One word , Disciplined!!

Wealth 9/10

Almost everyone donates, and yet , they're not godlike. This is one really big advantage the server gets. The donation stuff are useful , but we promise you , It ain't imba.

Balance 10/10

PURELY 100% Balanced.  If you have a plan for being Imbalanced, don't get your hopes up.

War of Emperium

Probably the best WOE a player could get. Extreme emp breaking, superb skull bashing, glorious winning and Plentiful of Salary is in store for You , If you play!

Events 10/10

Event are held daily, mostly Hide and Seek, Disguise, Guild vs Guild, and crack the pub. These events boosts the rate of interest and motivation of the players. Of course, anyone can join. :)

Overall 9/10

This server really is the best, but is downright under rated, I hope this review turns you into this,

"What a nice server, I'll try playing it!"

Not into this,

"Nah, poor server"

I seriously love this server, It's the best for me! I'm so happy that friendship,teamwork,balance,and enjoyment can be merged in a Ragnarok Server...