Whisp Ragnarok Online

Started by 7DeadlySins, May 14, 2011, 01:46 PM

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Whisp Ragnarok Online
High Rate Server
10k/10k/8% MVP

I've been in this server for a long time. I could still say the server is new though. My first impression on the server was WOW this is the server that I like. There are customs which can be obtained through quests. And all items are balanced! Nothing is overpowered so a fair gameplay to all. The admin is mostly online so you can ask him for help and questions. This server is improving more and more but the only problem is there are a few people in the game. So I wanna see the server to grow cause I really liked this server. So if someone is curious while reading this review you can always check the Server Advertisement Section

For a month of playing the server is always up. Its only down if there are updates and if there are problems the staff always works on it ASAP

There are always a lot of automated events where you can exchange the price for cool headgears

Admin always available for questions. Asks players what they think of the server and asks for ideas

There are few people but are so helpful. New players are always welcomed with greetings and help from other players too

There are no 3rd job classes and every class is balanced they even changed some card's effect so they wont be overpowered on some jobs

PVP system is good with normal and no potion room you can even exchange skulls you get for items.
WoE is fixed but not yet running cause the lack of players but someday I'm sure we're gonna have a fun WoE

I didn't put some ratings I just wrote what I think of the server. Its your decision and your own opinion oh how to rate it by numbers
I hope I didnt break some rules

Anyway see you in game  ;D