Well Played RO honest review.

Started by merkthay, Feb 22, 2024, 11:30 AM

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I've been playing for about 2 weeks, but it's already enough to know everything about it since it's extremely small. There are some issues with it since the administrator personally told me that the server is "ready" even with so few features, and I've seen everything. There are two servers, one 255 and one 999; I'll be talking about the Thanatos server (999), so here we go:

Basic information:
- WP-RO is level 999 with a quest (Rebirth) from 900 to 999, 1000x/1000x/10000x rates, MVP Spawn 10X, and MVP spawn every 1 hour. Leveling up is easy and without difficulty; there are 2 beginner items that ensure you don't have to do much to level up. Multi-client and Farming BOTS are highly advised by the server staff.

- Usually has around 10 players, most of them auto-farming in the gold room. I could only talk to 1 player in my 2 weeks of playing. The server is listed as English-speaking, but most people can't talk to me in English. They speak some Asian language.

- Has no economy; there are no items to sell, and there's no reason to sell items. The admin gave me a complete set for no reason when I started playing and left a review; however, the server is NOT DESCRIBED AS FULL PVP. The quests are very unbalanced, with 5 or 6 being extremely easy (40~min farming) and others taking more than 20 days to complete (75+ MVP cards) there is no logic applied on the items/quantity.

- Some things have no description, and the server lacks any depth in systems; all systems are extremely simple, like quest > final item. There is no significant progression other than grinding for unbalanced quests.

- Very, very limited custom items and ULTRA unbalanced donate items (Theres only valk set for non-donators, but asprika and sleipnir for donators).

Currency: Zeny, TCG, Proof of Donation (PODS), PVP and GVG coin. (other than quests theres no use for that)
PVP: Never saw an actual battle, top PVP is with 56 kills and second is with 38 kills.
GVG: Weekend
Quests: TOP-MID-BOT customs (Very limited), TOP-MID-BOT customes (from Ragnarok online and custom ones) in more than one place. Accessory (custom), Weapons (custom), Charms (custom) all charms and customs do the same (+2% atk and mtak) theres no depth in customization, only bottom basic stuff.
Information: There is a lack of information on custom stuff, you need to search each item in npc's. All the info are discord based with very few in-game information, BUT theres a guide npc incoming.
Conection: Its been kinda hard to connect, i need to try at least 4x until it goes. (Since its Asia server and i am in america)


That hurts to read. Im sorry.
Why dont you just play payon stories ragnarok?

A stable server, online over one year, 150 active players. Its a lowrate tough :-)


Quote from: Mrkirka on Apr 12, 2024, 11:21 PMThat hurts to read. Im sorry.
Why dont you just play payon stories ragnarok?

A stable server, online over one year, 150 active players. Its a lowrate tough :-)

This person only posts about payon stories, so I wouldn't take this advice seriously, and actually do some investigation into payon stories before joining. Just a thought. :D


Thanks for the tips, i will make my own research.  /lv