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Started by Celestie, Feb 26, 2007, 10:24 PM

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Basically I've rated the server, but I thought it really deserves a louder applause and a more detailed review ;)

I noticed that there is another existing thread on this server posted last year in 2006. The feedback wasn't very good, but I really feel that those reviews are no longer very accurate, as the server from what I have experienced now is completely different from what was described in the thread.

What I've said in my review, it all depends on your mindset when you join a server. If you come in with an open mind and a friendly attitude, you'll find you're able to fully enjoy the wonderful gaming experience that this server is able to offer.

Personally, I love playing in this server. I joined with a bunch of friends, and found this server so stable and the community and GMs so interactive that it doubles up the fun. The low rate is close enough to the actual RO game that it doesn't make you feel like you're playing something completely different, while on the other hand, the economy is clean and community so friendly that you'd think it's so different from the official servers.

Basically the feeling I get when I compare it to iRO is --same game, different experience. [with Evo-RO being more enjoyable of course ;D]


thanks for the upates.  I have heard good and bad about that server, didn't try it myself tho.  Just curious, how much is average population these days?  I always under the impression it got bunch of players from Euphro when it died and when it comes back the people left ... or i mixed up again? xD



I've asked our GM about it, and she said that player count on average is between 400-600 on normal days, and 1000 during war. I'm not too sure myself about the EuphRO people and what happened.. wasn't in here long enough to know about the server history ;P
But the population count now is pretty decent I'd say, plenty of room for growth surely, but still enough to make some noise ;D


:O ya if i wasn t too lazy to remake a 99sinx id be there :-(


Server became garbage quickly after getting lots of Ex-euphro.  A few large guild still there but i no longer waste my time with it.  Changing your account to get rid of bad review not very fair either.

All the duping, and ex gm item spawn and level cheating still exist.  Only difference now is less active people and slightly more effective GM


shut up euph person,euph sucks evo 's new owner is a good guy :)

 Show some respect for other players.