Started by tsbm, Apr 25, 2022, 04:44 AM

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UprisingRO has a lot latest contents like 4th classes/instances/equipments, but currently the management are not very good.
I've been playing over a month now and I wish to share some insight, if any server admin are reading this, please know that I do hope this server could go for a better future, because we have a lot latest contents that other server don't.

Stability Rating [9.5/10]
Server is host at Singapore, I always afk and server never disconnect, except some fixing restart and maintenance.
Suggest: Admin team could give an early announcement (for example 1 day early), so player could make plan, currently server restart or maintenance are only announced 30 min or an hour in advance.

Community Rating [4/10] (8/10 if considered the few kind and helpful people I personally meet)
Some players are very toxic, you can even see people spamming on global channel sometime.
Suggest: I understand sometime we can't help with these kind of people, but at least admin could try take control a little, maybe a simple rule or something like mute/jail system.
Average online vendor about 20~30, active player about 20~40.
Suggest: Ads or video ads to attract new player, but before that we need something interesting to keep them staying, for example pvp/woe or even equipment quest.

Game-play Rating [6/10] (9/10 if considered 4th classes and latest instance/maps/equipment etc)
People ks you everywhere, farming crafting item, hunting mvps, even just leveling exp. (Must keep @noks and @autoloot on to protect yourself)
World boss, there's always toxic people standing there waiting for reward, and they call themself 'smart' (lousy person..), basically the strong player waiting weak player hunting world boss for them. (Not everyone but some and it happen everytime)
Suggest: It would be much fair if the world boss reward given based on individual damage deal.
PVP/WOE, I personally never play these so no comments, all I can say was, seems like pvp and woe are quite inactive atm.
Server has a lot latest instances which is very interesting, but people rather solo their own things.
Equipment crafting are very very tedious and boresome.
Suggest: Could make use of unique interesting drops of mini boss/mvps, not just world's power/platinum coin/zeny, also the materials requirement are too high, for example 50 valkyire power which only 1 per day of getting it without playing new character/account.

Event Rating [5/10] (8/10 if considered our event admin is very helpful and friendly)
One of the event, admin just drop item/costume with map skill off, ending up all the rider getting most of the drop..
Not sure if Gray Map is allow, but some people using it for event, making hide and seek event very unfair.
Suggest: I wish admin could spend some time with us time to time.

Economy Rating [6/10] (7/10 if consider the few kind player giving free stuff to help other)
Only seen few nice player trading with fair price, most seller asking buyer to offer without giving a price range.
Too much cash point trading, it's hard to buy something with zeny, and too much people selling rather than buying.

PS: Admin team are very kind and helpful, but I hope they could spend some time taking care about our server balance.