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Uprising RO Best!
« on: Jan 12, 2022, 04:36 am »
Hello everyone, since I wrote this review I've been playing for 60 days on this server and this time I want to review a good private server in my opinion.

  • Game Master: The Admin talk-active, willing to help, always standby and answer faster on discord and he is also very experienced for fixing existing bugs, because the owner and admin are part of the [email protected] project. So this server is arguably very developed and the number of players will continue to grow PS : Dont cheat on this server, because the admin is very strict in this thing, if there are players who are proven to have exploited bugs, be prepared to be banned.

  • Stability: This server is located in Singapore, very suitable for Southeast Asian players who are actively playing Ragnarok Online. For those who want to learn the renewal system, this server is good for beginners. If you have ever played R*ckragnarok, this server is very similar to the famous server and we SEA player can play without long delay and lagging.

  • Feature: All main quest and new dungeon quest from official, OGHC, Edda Biolab, Tomb of Remorse and many more. For PVP they have an KOE Event every day for 30 minute only  /no1 Also there are hourly points, world boss, vote for points and crafting JRO equipment features (to maintain stability, not all JRO Items are here)

  • Community: Like other servers, we have a lot of players on this server, some are well behaved some have disappeared somewhere (maybe they got banned) /ho Most of player well they like PVM, little some like PVP. There will be many players who answer the question of how to play on this server later, you can ask via discord or in-game.

  • Economy: UprisingRO's economy is still just starting out. Since we don't have many players (80 players in the game with 2-3 new players arriving per day) it's not hard to get someone to buy the things we sell. Finding zeny is also not too easy nor too difficult, admin has been looking for ways to stabilize the economy, but we still need a new stream of players so that the buying and selling of items can increase.

If you are interested, please visit https://cp.uprisingro.net/
Admin is very active on discord, so please ask about anything related to the server.

Server Information
Max Level 250/50 (4th Job)
Base Exp 500%
Job Exp 500%
MVP Card 0.5%
Normal Card 2.5%
Episode 17.2
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