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Base Exp: 3x
Job Exp: 3x
Drop Rate: 2x
Max stat: 99
Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level:  50
Max Base Level (Adv): 99
Max Job Level (Adv): 70

Some nice features
Right now the dev team is adding the upcoming WoE 2.0 for beta testing!
Everyone in the server will have a chance to try out the new woe system.
They also implemented the Izlude Time Arena where you can battle against monsters and win nice prizes.

[X] Website
[X] Forum
[X] Control Panel
[X] Ventrilo

History & Information
This server has been around for about 1 year, and have proven to be one of the most reliable and stable servers.
It has a great GM team and without a doubt the best Development team on any private server out there.

Quote off UnityRO's server

Welcome To UnityRO
Welcome to UnityRO, a brand new RO experience for everyone from all over the world! Regularly scheduled maintenance, combined with a professional GM team and the latest eAthena software will ensure UnityRO stays up-to-date, bug-free and online all day, every day.

We aim to keep gameplay as close to official as possible, with no free warpers, reset npcs, or job changers. Various custom rewards offer donators many different ways to alter their appearance without upsetting the game balance. Our lower rates offer a longer lasting, more challenging RO experience, giving you more time to enjoy the vast world of Ragnarok Online with your friends.

Join us today and see UnityRO for yourself!

When i joined UnityRO i didn't really have any special expections from it, but i got surprised how nice it was.
The community was simply amazing, i was welcomed by alot of people and everyone was really helpful.

I belive that this server really cares about their players as induviduals, i guess it's because of the low population which is the only thing that i would say it's bad but that is something that can be improved.

On average there is about 300 players and on woe there's about 400, including auto venders.

Even though the low population the server makes up for in great woe, great gm team and very cool events and a very nice community.

Stability: 10
I never experienced any lag or server crashes so far.

Availablity: 10
It has never been offline i think.

Friendliness: 10
I get treated really nice by everone, for the most time they would offer help to anyone if you're new.

Eventfulness: 9
So far i have seen about 4 events on the 2 months i've played there. That's like 1 event per every 2 week which is alot more than other server do! Then we always have GM's entertaining us sometimes in pvp or prontera streets every now and then :)

Friendliness (GM): 10
I have never met a rude or stupid GM so far! My perception of the gm team is that it's very dedicated to its server and players. They just recruited 2 more Public Relation GM's which really brings up the 8 to a 10 that i was gonna give them.

Availablity (GM): 9
Maybe not the fastest GM team out there but when you need help you will eventually get it, the best way to reach a GM is  to use IRC, they are often there and will anwers your question when they are available.

Helpfullness (GM): 10
You will always get your problem solved, i don't doubt that.

Economy: 7
The economy have seen better days, hopefully if the server gets some more people, that would lower the prices on stuff.

Guild competition: 8
It's all about competition, many guilds are fighting equally, everyone has a awsome time in WoE ! It would be fun with a bit more guilds though!

Class balance : 10
Very balanced, i don't see any imbalance at all.


A fair score for a great server, if it just had a little more players it would have been 100/100 for sure.

UnityRO is one of the best private, low rate servers out there, if you're thinking of starting fresh,this is the server to be on.

Don't hesitate, join the fun

Atleast give it a try, im sure that after 1-2 weeks you will be convinced, i was!