Started by ShoKe, Dec 26, 2009, 01:19 AM

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Well the review I made was just way too short so I came to the forums to express my feelings towards RebirthRO's mixed rate server Tyr. The rates are 100x base, 100x job, 10x loot and 2x card. Anywho lets break it down :P


Stability: 10/10. The server never lags for me and honestly the last server crash I can remember was nearly 7 months ago.

Availability: 10/10. The server is up 24/7 excluding weekly maintenance which only lasts about an hour :P


Friendliness: 9/10. The vast majority of people on Tyr are very friendly and are willing to help out newbies by giving them newbie gear, buffs ect. PvP is another story. Lots of people there will trash you no matter who you are(even novices, seriously who does that?).

Eventfulness: 10/10. There are daily custom(i think) events and sometimes even 2 or 3!

Game Masters

Friendliness: 10/10. The two GMs that are on this server are both really nice, but the head GM kinda picks favorites and ignores(in a friendly way) anyone that doesn't look 'pro'(aka non trans people, it sucks.)

Availibility: 5/10. The GMs are never really ingame but they reply pretty fast on the forums which makes me believe they've been cookin something up for tyr! Unfortunately not seeing any gms ingame is a big turn off for me =/

Helpfulness: 10/10. The GMs are really helpful and don't treat cheaters very nicely at all :)


Economy: 7/10. unfortunately some idiot decided it'd be funny to buy 500 credits(OVER 500USD) and sell them dirt cheap and wrecked the economy. That plus idiot players that quit Tyr for other RebirthRO servers decided to sell their 'pro' gears for dirt cheap also messed up the economy. Somehow that led to everything being way overpriced and it's hard to find nicely priced items without haggling with someone for days.

Guild Competition: 9/10. 1 week ago I would've rated this 5/10 because there were really only two good guilds that actively WoE'd. Now there are lots of small guilds running around the 4 castles that are open each WoE and it's really fun!

Class Balance: 10/10. All classes are equally balanced not much to say about that :D

It's a really good server in my opinion though we're suffering a slight lack of players! It's a really nice time to join the server, Floating Rates are enabled until 2010! If you decide to join Tyr, which I really think you should do, PM No Shelter in-game and i'll help you out and give you a little tour of Tyr :D