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Started by A y r a, Nov 02, 2007, 03:18 PM

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A y r a

Ello. ^^

Background: I recently (meaning about a month ago) left a server I had played on regularly for close to 8 months. It was a large mid rate server with angra, ahura, max stat, and up to +70 all stats from headgear donates alone. In short, getting anywhere useful without donating was impossible. End of history lesson.

Absinthe is a community more than anything. WoE is relaxed, PvP isn't a religion, and the GMs are active and friendly. While donates are helpful, it is possible to be a top player without donating. There are events daily in which you can win anything from event tickets to custom headgear to donation credits. There are challenging hide and seek games, massive monster spawns in Prontera, dice games, and many more. Two of the GMs even scripted a trick or treat event for Halloween.

While Absinthe isn't the largest or most well-known server out there, it is the friendliest and most fun I have ever been on. In my last server, I had ceased to truly enjoy playing Ragnarok. Absinthe put the game back in RO.  ;D

As proof to how much I've enjoyed the server, I made a forum account just to write a review for it.  ;)