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Started by HollyDolly, Nov 15, 2016, 03:31 PM

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I'm going to write a quick review about Total RO since I've been playing there the past month or so. This is an honest review, based on my experience there.

Economy - Small, but OK. Some of the items are pretty over priced, considering it's got such a small server population and certain gear's aren't exactly that hard to find. Some of the prices for things make no sense, like generally a 50% MVP drop will cost upwards of 10 million zeny but things like Diablos boots and +7 armors go for under 10 million zeny. So I'd say the economy is kind of unpredictable, but it's a new server so that's to be expected somewhat. There is also not too many vendor's but this has been slowly changing. There is a lot of costume items, some are slotted which I disagree with due to balance issues, but other than that most of the costumes are very nice and well thought out.

Community - Very nice people, lots of friendly players. There is always a party going on, and other players helping each other level up and find gears. Players often activate the higher rates via donation, zeny, or event ticket's to help parties and other player's level up and find gear which is nice. I haven't seen the GM come on often, but the times I've interacted with the GM they were friendly.

Rates: 10 x 10 x 5x with MVP drops at 1x - Has floating rates; players can donate cash points, zeny or ''total ticket' tokens to double the rates for 2 hours. This is a nice feature I really enjoyed. This is the first server I've ever played that had floating rates so I have nothing else to compare it to. Unfortunetly there is a down side to this, being that parties tend to really only happen during double exp time, and players become almost too reliant on it for leveling up.

Events - The server being new, has only gotten a chance to have one major holiday event so far. It went really well and was fun, you could exchange the event tokens in for costume items. It was also a instance dungeon kind of event, where it'd activate a certain time a day, and monsters within the dungeon dropped the tokens. This made it fair for practically all players, and went on for a couple of weeks, and was promptly removed after the holiday. This gave everyone a fair chance. Other than that, there is some hourly auto-events, such as Dice and Poring catcher. I personally feel they are too much, too often. The population of the server is small, so very often you will enter one of these automated event maps, only to have the game cancel on you because nobody else joined. I have never seen a GM hosted event but maybe it happens.

Donations - I feel like this is kind of the sore point for me. As much as I loved the server, I feel some of the donation items are too over powered. Obviously that is just my own opinion, but for this review it counts. You don't have to donate real money to get the donation items, as you can obtain cash point bags via the roulette coin/game system in game and as event rewards which is very fair. There is also a V.I.P system, which can be had via donations or by in game means but I feel it is a bit too generous at the moment. If they removed the dungeon level warping with V.I.P it would balance it out a bit more. You do have to still complete dungeon entrance quests even with V.I.P so it's not a total imbalance issue. You can get things like bubble gums here, and slotted mid gear which I disagree with but that is just my own opinion and many people do enjoy these features.

Other stuff: Server has a shopping mall where you can buy all manner of equipment from NPC related to job class. My only gripe with this is one of the NPC's sells elemental  books and an MVP drop book which is a bit umbalanced. You can also buy all elemental arrows here which kind of makes the arrow crafting skill useless. There are lots of costume items you can buy with ''total tickets'' which is a nice feature and everyone has different unique look. There is also a mining feature, though I haven't used it so cannot really rate or comment on that. Occassionally an NPC will appear in prontera that grants user's a random box gift. Lots of pet tames available as well. Recently the server owner/admin ( I'm not sure tbh ) announced a new system where they have a ''real shop''. I guess it's for buying IRL items with the game points, I'm not entirely sure. They did offer real items during the Halloween event, for those who gathered a competitive amount of event tokens which was unique as I've never seen a server give away real stuff before.

Beginner: Training area really stuck out to me, was really well done and you will like the special little porings in there that make life 100% easier as a novice. This was actually one my most favourite things about this server.

WOE/PVP - I haven't WOE'd on this server, but due to the small population it is always the same one or two guilds winning. There is no battlegrounds but apparently there used to be.

Bugs/Issues - There are a few bugs and issues that pop up every now and then, but the GM team is very quick to fix the issues. I think that the GM team could do more to focus on improving the server more instead of continually adding new features. New features cannot mask server issues. The main priority should be to listen to the players, fix the issues at hand, and work on getting new players and stability first. One thing that really did bother me, was that you cannot use official AzzyAI here. You have to use Total RO's own version of AzzyAI which may or may not be up to date, or else your homunculus will not work on the server. It took me ages to find the download link for it on the server forums, which was kind of annoying as well.

My conclusion: Overall a really fun server to play, nice community and OK economy. Unfortunetly some of the items chosen for the cash shop, and some features I feel are too over powered, and PVP leaves more to be desired. AFK leveling here is a nitemare, especially for alchemist's since it is on a timer. I would give this server an overall rating of 8/10 though. If you're looking for a fun server to play, and are not bothered by donations and such then check out Total. You'll meet nice people, and make a lot of friend's.

Just an update since I have played a few servers lately:

I've played a few server's after coming from a long hiatus and give my most honest review of all of the ones I tried for a while. Every server is different and offers it's own unique features which players may or may not like. If I think a server is good, I will make it known. I don't post reviews on every single server I play or have played, but I feel the one's that stick out most to me for whatever reason deserve a fair review. In saying that, Total RO is no longer my main server to go to but I still think it's a great server for what it is. I still do login occasionally, but I felt it wasn't exactly what I was looking for in a server. I don't want any player's to get the wrong impression so I try my best to make sure all the good server's out there are given a fair chance.