YanisRO (1/1/1) - a Player's review

Started by Raïner, Jan 30, 2024, 03:04 AM

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I've been playing YanisRO for almost 1.5 years and i feel like giving some contexts for players that are seeking the true thrill of Episode 13.2.

For too long i had dreamt of a Pre-trans server with 1x rates, single client, no customs, no cash-shop headgears, and most importantly, TRANS content ( take a look back at early 2020s era, Travels, ExcelRO, retRO, OathRO, such PTSD my god... ), so sick of all the promises of episodic progressive contents and dead after 1 year... Static parties where u just do stalactic golems/anolian slum/magma/Majoruros/High orc rinse and repeat... All the classic content where ur gears are decked out after 6 months and nothing else to do but rants and raves, WOE dramas and sitting in town afk...

After the downfall of Oathro, i stumbled across YanisRO and decided to try it out for the last time, and it is by far, the best decision that i've made.

So its time to dive into the details of YanisRO, and please take note that this review is from my POV, no bias, and there will be a TL;DR summary at the end as well.

Basic details:

1. Styling is entirely free, with close to 100 hairstyles, 300+ clothes sprite and various variation of colors to choose from.

2. Purple beam when a normal card is drop, and golden beam for MVP/mini boss card.

3. No Mercenaries / Dual or Multi client / Zero steal

4. Tombstone and MVP announcement is enabled.

5. Normal fatigue!

Server Features

Rates: Base/Job EXP = 1x, Drop Rate =  1x, Normal Card Drop Rate 2x, MVP/Mini-boss Card Drop Rate = 1x
Episode: 13.2
Party Share Range = 15 levels
Gepard 3.0 with !ping and !vsync commands
Is using 2018 client which is known for having less bugs and some QoL changes such as Icons on the minimap.
@killcount, @mi, @search, @showexp and some commands...

2. Removed some fixed spawns spot ( GH Churchyard's Mimic, Moscovia Dungeon's Les, Clock Tower's Cramps, ... ) to discourage Homunculus's AFK grind / Reflect grind

3. Fixes to some of known bugs that Gravity is too lazy to fix ( Gutterline, Cart revolution shoving mobs to the left side instead of opposite direction, to name only a few... )

4. Reworked how reflect works ( To my understanding, instead of making the reflected damage to monsters as physical attack, it is now just reflected damage, therefore auto-cast skills and effects such as Moonlight dagger's sp gain and bolt-triggering ( Kasa card ), are no longer viable. )

4. Repeatable Quests is enabled ( A QoL feature yet with many arguments/controversies, for me personally its just more things to consider grinding, as i solo'ed my way from merc to smith with little actions of repeatable kill/item quests.)

5. Level gap is 15 instead of 10

6. Proxies for 3 continents ( SEA, EU, US )

7. Server is planned by a 3-year contract, so rest assured it will not go poof that easily

8. Stat enchantment NPC is disabled. Slot addition NPC is enabled

9. Custom Baby quest for roleplay enthusiasts, but beware, the quest is hard as heck!

Game Masters

1. This is one of the major reason why YanisRO is less-known by RO community. The admin dev stated that this is his passion/hobby project, therefore it'll take time to perfect his vision for the server. And most likely he'll not be much active due to his IRL work and such. To compensate, YanisRO has a moderator in charge of giving updates to the community when needed.

2. No bias! Rules are there to comply with, and expect suspension or ban if u break the rules.


1. Community is friendly and helpful, but dont expect others to carry your burdens. As its how 1x works, everyone for themselves unless its beneficial for individuals that are involved. As for myself, i got help from a group of players whom are willing to help me forge 4x elemental vvs 2handed-axe, but for the grind i mostly solo'd all the way.

2. Population is mostly EU/US, with some SEA players around.


1. Same thing as every low pop server suffers from, nothing burger's market. Most of the time u grind what u want to get


Only plays a minor part and mostly seasonal events

War of Emperium

No WOE yet until more players and will be considered.

Guild dungeon is not accessible


No donations as stated by admin.


True 1x vanilla Worthy of your time and investment, and not having much worries of your gears went poof when you wake up.


True 1x with some fixes to ensure a balanced and bugs-free gameplay. However, like all 1x server suffers from, low population and nothing burger market.

Some personal thoughts:

- Im not sure how the ping works for EU/US players, but for SEA players like me, the ping and delay is exceptional! As i've played with mostly bad ping and high delay for so long ( perks of living in SEA regions, u just accept the bad latency... ), YanisRO is like a breath of fresh air due to how every action is little delay and ping.

- It might be hard at first to start off, but with the implementation of repeatable quests and supports from the community itself, along with hardship and patience, the painful slow-progression of 40 to 85 is now less painful to dealt with.

- There are already a few transcended players, but dont let this doubt you to finally start playing. Its a sign of loyal players and long-lasting community. When i first started, there were a few blacksmiths in range of 85++, and despite being late, i ate the odds and became the first 99 blacksmith in Yanis, and thus far the only Whitesmith. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the first one to transcend your favourite class and be on top!

- Never give up! It has been my childhood dream to grind a character to 99 in 1x, and after more than a year grinding gears and leveling up, im finally able to transcend my blacksmith. 1x is truly hardcore to the touch, but the feeling when u finally achieved your goal is like no others.


Here is some screenshots of my journey. Mostly its just my own progress, but if it helps motivate you to try out YanisRO, it's a big win /lv

My first character that i started in Yanis, a Taekwon ranker!

After some time i feel that it is finally the moment to start off my main character, a blacksmith!

Slowly grinding my way up to j50, because who needs repeatable quests anyway?  /kis2

My first achievement: J50 a merchant in 1x SOLO, i dont need anybody to carry my butt  /gg

After that its just timeline of me grinding gears for my blacksmith

Meanwhile farming giganto axe for my future whitesmith

The insane amount of hill winds that ive slain /omg

And voilà, 1+ year of chopping hill winds to the max

And this is my current state, a big floppa whitesmith !

Overall, childhood dream achieved! I did the impossible, soloing my way to 99 as a blacksmith, against all odds and doubts from the community itself and my colleagues  /heh .


Very nice review /lv I love the screenshots of your journey!

It's been fun playing with you /no1


I love Yanis and I do recommend it. Can vouch that people are friendly even if there are some people in the community who are a bit meanspirited towards non-meta for no reason. They're still willing to help out if you can tolerate their colorful personalities. Economy is nonexistent though they are willing to trade. At some point, the community grinded just to give out VVS for free.  /heh

Akieros is a very good moderator with lots of in-game experience if you need help building up a specific character. He's very quick to respond if you need assistance.

Sadly, I had to quit because something happened and I am not sure what exactly causes it. There was a small QoL update. A completely harmless update. My desktop started to freeze every two minutes and then crashing without warning when YanisRO was up. I thought it was my computer malfunctioning. I tried a few other privates to test if it persisted. It was indeed the client. It made me so frustrated that I left without even saying goodbye.

I'm not opposed to trying it out again. I just hope whatever happened stops so I can actually grind(and not suddenly stand still and get killed  /swt )


If anyone does join, feel free to DM me (on dc or rms) and I'll be happy to help out however I can