TheoryRO 2k/2k/100

Started by ZeroSympathy, Apr 20, 2010, 12:50 AM

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Rates: 2k/2k/100

Great server over all id say, I've been playing sense the server opened and my only real complaint is the wings, I am personally not a huge fan of them (Wings are 90% of the time MASSIVE and clog up things like WOE and anything with lots of players involved) But aside from that, there are fun and fair events frequently, which is a major bonus in my opinion. Always something to do even when you reach the max level. And of course there are things like devils square and such to mess around on even when events are not going on. The community is small but very friendly so far so no complaints there.

Stability: 10/9
-Since I have played the server I don't ever experience lag thats not expected (Ex: Replacing/Adding NPCs) And there is no down time whatsoever.

Availability: 10/10
-As I sorta stated in Stability, the server never has down time so I am always able to log in and have some fun.

Community: 10/10
-Aw community, Personally I can't play servers at all without a friendly community. Thus far I have had a great time talking with everyone on the server and have no complaints about it at all.

Eventfulness: 10/10
-Events are VERY frequent an easy 10 there, lots of fun ones opposed to my least favorite of all...Cluck cluck boom, I have a feeling a lot of people agree with me on this one xD, Im not really into the NPC generated events.

GM Helpfulness/Friendliness: 10/10
-Every GM is logged in round the clock it seems or at least till server life starts to die down towards the latest of nights (4-5am) so I am always able to talk with a GM when needed

Economy: --/--
-Really hard to judge an early server on economy so I really don't want to rate this to mislead anyone, but from what I have seen item prices are often fair.

Final Note:
-All in all the server is very fun and enjoyable!
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