The TRUTH about the LimitRO

Started by LimitROSuck, Jan 01, 2010, 10:02 PM

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Geeezz. i dont know if this is the ryt thread to put this ..ahmm anyway.

i wanna tell you guys that the LimitRO is SUCK!! for those who wants to play there read it first..
btw im not good in english so srry if theres a wrong grammar ^^

1:The MVP CARD DROP RATE is IMBA.. I thought when i read the Ads on the LimitRO i thought this is the server that i need cuz they said its balance..
2:the Item on Donation Shop is so EXPENSIVE AS IN!...They put Prem Ticket for 8 euro .and others headgir is 25 euro..cmon were not rich people to buy that !..also i ask lai if he can remove the convex mirror on vote shop cuz its make this server imba...then...LAI PUT THAT CONVEX ON DONATION SHOP WITH 10 EURO !!! /omg!! is he really need that money???
3:This Server Always LAGGING...And also they Do Reboot Everytime i think...i think they cant handle 1.5k people on this server...what lai doing on donation money that he get on people????
4:I never SAW GM HELPING ON INGAME....they just waiting for the money...
5:And Last Thing....If you donate ...You will ignore when you ask question..IF you donate headgir..we dont know if lai do again the WIPE THINGS.. Am regret now that im donate on this server....i spend almost 30 euro?? and this is the service what i get..just ignore..

So for Other People Wants To play on this it ur eyes ^^..i also read some other thread that same as me im not the only one who having this problem..
To Lai-- Is Money Everything to you?(is my english ryt? /omg!)

and also can someone help me if i can chargeback my money on this server using paypal..that really help me..i found a server that nice also has a not expensive donation item..not overpower..also gm here is friendly not like on this server just ignoring donator.. hope you guys help me...T_T..i really regret it

Ps:Where you can find a GM that Also Joining during woe??? We Got castle when this stupid gm enter and they got our castle..did you know guys all our attack is miss..also emp is like 3 sec bfore he got it...

also a few months ago ..this server has being wipe out for no reason...they said its server side...and some people lost charact on their account..and ask lai for the help...guys this what lai told them..

Lai.(Just make Another Character) << this is a gm words?? damm some people lost Charact with some mvp card and donation headgir that they spend all nyt to get that item...and this is all lai can say??? I REALLY HOPING LAI YOU WILL GET SOME KARMA SOMEDAY..


+1, LimitRO Needs alot of changes. Honestly, 8 Euro's for 1 month access? 25 EuRO do the math thats over 30$ in USA and it can't be tradeable.You can barely find mvps due to the convex mirrors. But yeah server needs alot of changes.


Might be fun putting up a section on RMS for these "paid servers", where donators have huge privileges, and separate them from normal servers.


Amen to that or..... a post around the likes of "Worst RO Servers of 2010". This is probably the fifth post about LimitRO? Your argument could be better corroborated by screenies, but then again the readers of this would probably believe you anyways =o


Quote from: Sarin on Jan 02, 2010, 12:48 AM
Might be fun putting up a section on RMS for these "paid servers", where donators have huge privileges, and separate them from normal servers.
+1 I like this idea.  I guess I should donate and see if the admins will let me ban people now.  Sweet.  I'ma have so much fun. ^_^

Ah, fun times on RMS~   (Added more~)
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- So? Stop b****.


Anyone who frequents RMS knows that limit is probably one of the worst servers around, and that the admin is a greedy dictator.


could anyone help me getting my cash just donating yesterday...when i ask on inkfish where is lai..he dont answer me...damm gm here is REALLY ?????.. i hope the someone hack this server -.-...this gm really greedy...they just waiting for the money...they not working..
and they just ignore you if you got some problem...i hope lai will get some karma from this...or maybe i will call or send on paypal so they can close the account of this greedy chargeback..

damm i really need that money...oh.....


There is a reason it is called donating..You do it on your own free will.  It's not like he puts a gun to your head and says DONATE NOW!!!.  It is highly unlikely you will get your money back and upon asking paypal..they'll prolly just tell you they can't do much...

Ah, fun times on RMS~   (Added more~)
-- Signature too big again.  You were notified previously on the same issue.

- So? Stop b****.


Not to mention, I think they specifically state that they don't give refunds.
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Why are all the big servers crap? RebirthRO and LimitRO, the two biggest MRs seem to be filled with corruption and imbalance.


This is something that's been happening to Ragnarok Online since private servers.

The bigger servers can act like jackasses because they know that if 10, 20, or even 40 players leave, it's not really going to put a dent in them. Also, the more players you see, the more imbalanced, broken, and ridiculously expensive the donations will be. Why? Because it's quite easy to break the gameplay on your own server, and if your players are THAT competitive and unwilling to go elsewhere, they will easily fork over the cash to get the goods.

As for LimitRO being trash, that's nothing new. Though I'm sorry to see that yet another person has been screwed by the greedy knobhead that is Lai.


We all know this server sucks and Lai is abysmaterribad, it's been provin over and over again. So if you're going to cry moar then atleast bring something we can go, "yah lais still a lil b****" at.
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You are a f*** idiot. Why you even bother to post here, I will never know. It is BEYOND ME.