The all new heRO server

Started by Xeane, Mar 25, 2017, 04:10 AM

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Server Features: 10/10
It's a pre-renewal server that offers 5x base experience, 5x job experience and 3x drop rate for everything.
Levels cap at 99/70 and 99/50.
Max attack speed is 190.
Instant Cast is 150 Dex.
Botting is prohibited and there's no dual log in.
Warp and Resetter NPC (free until level 40) are available in this server.
There's also a Healer to give you full HP/SP when in town and it's free until level 50.
Most of the players are capable of speaking in English and there's no language barrier in this server.
There's no cash shop and donations will only provide you fashion items.
Wipes never happened in this server in the past 10 years, it seems the server truly values the players hard work.

Leveling: 8/10
For me leveling in this server is not hard since the community is very friendly to new players, they are always willing to help with sympathy and compassion from the heart.

War of Emperium: 9/10
The WoE scene is really great as many players are trying to participate since the WoE rewards will benefit them.
Boss cards and God items are not working in WoE and I think it helps to balance everything so that new players can easily participate during WoE.

Economy: 8/10
The basic items that you'll be needing to level up are always available since the market is very active at the moment.

Stability & Longevity: 10/10
The server has been stable since 2005 (11 years) and maintenance barely happens, so if you're looking for a server that will last forever I think this server has that kind of longevity and stability.

Overall, I'll give this server 9/10 because population is not the problem in this server and I think this is the best low rate server at the moment. :)